Day -2: You Can’t Recycle Plastic Toys

Since I’m starting my blog on day 5, here’s a quick summary of days 1-4.

Day 1: The mud room is where everyone in my family deposits anything and everything that’s in their hands when they put on or take off their shoes.  My kids use this as a secondary toy storage area and the man I married likes to leave small tools, screws, bits of plastic and anything else that ends up in his pockets there.

No challenge here.  I collected 100 things we no longer want, need, or use in about half an hour.  I’m glad I could give the tiny pumas and vans my sons wore to a friend.  I’m certain I won’t miss the poster of kokopelli that spoke to me in 1998 or the artificial shrub.

Day 2: The man I married has been complaining about the chaos in the pantry for a few weeks.  I admit, I did buy the entire shopping list from the Ayurvedic cookbook I purchased (right before I decided Ayurveda wasn’t really for me).  So, the pantry was an easy mark for a 100 thing purge.

When we moved out of the old house one of the movers pointed out to me that canned and packaged goods have an expiry date.  Who knew?  I thought of him while tossing questionable ramen and baked beans into the bin.  The spelt flour and agave syrup followed marking the end of my “healthy baking” phase.

I’m certain I won’t miss the organic coconut shavings or the half eaten fruit bar.

Day 3: Ahhh – the rec room.  I’ve done battle here before.  One particularly memorable weekend, my husband took our oldest son skiing and the baby and I stayed home to “deal with” the rec room.  48 hours of sorting (toss, reycle, donate) later I discovered most plastic toys cannot be recycled.  Hence, a trip to my favourite place –  the dump –  and a vow to never buy plastic again.

Guess what?  At least 30 of the unwanted things from the basement were cheap plastic toys.  I swear it’s not my fault!  Darn birthday party loot bags.  I struggled a bit to reach 100 things today, mostly because my four year old was playing while I was purging and because I only had my donate bin with me.  Quite frankly, most of the stuff I found wasn’t fit for donation.  Deflated soccer balls, broken toys, random parts and a dozen key chains???  Who buys this stuff?

I was happy to pass our I Can Play Piano to my nieces and I’m certain I won’t miss my complete set of Mari Windsor’s pilates videos on VHS.

Day 4: Was almost garbage day and the bin was looking pretty full.  I decided to tackle the small stuff, starting with the dreaded kitchen junk drawer (or drawers in my case).  Jackpot!  I could have liberated 100 useless things from the first drawer.  I’m sure I exceeded the 100 thing limit today.

The bonus being that I only had two grocery bags full of garbage to dispose of when I was done.  Funnily enough, a pattern appeared in the remaining junk.  There were kitchen things: wine stoppers, corkscrews, twine, cookie cutters – and there was stationary stuff: tape, pens, sticky notes, mac tac etc.

Maybe organizing isn’t the chore I think it is.  Maybe I’m putting the cart before the horse.  Maybe I just need to get rid of the stuff I don’t need to understand the pattern of the things I do need.  Regardless, I’m certain I won’t miss my business cards with the old address on them.

Day 5: Here we are.  Truthfully, I haven’t gotten rid of 100 things yet.  I thought I’d post a few before pictures today.  This is (cringe) what my bathroom drawers look like right now:

There’s more than a few things in here that can go!   I’ll post the after pictures in the morning.


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