Day -1 Recycle Responsibly

This is what my drawers look like this morning.

A couple notes:

– this was not nearly as fun as I thought it would be

– there was an incident

Regarding the fun.  I just wasn’t feeling this project.  I think it’s because I rarely use these drawers and they hold items I’m ambivalent about.  This is where a ‘real’ minimalist would dump the remainder of the contents into the trash.  A brave person would hit these drawers again extracting 100 more things.  I’m not feeling that brave but I could do without the velcro rollers…we’ll see where it goes.

As for the “incident.”  I’ve  been conflicted about recycling ever since a friend told me: “You know it’s better to throw that peanut butter jar in the trash instead of  wasting so much water rinsing it.”  Does recycling always make sense?  There is a heated debate on both sides.  Cafe Mom does a far better job of explaining it than I ever will, but the general advice is: rinse sparingly and yes, of course, recycle!

So I gathered the half full bottle of cream cleanser (that I’m allergic to) and the very full bottle of Gold Bond Powder (don’t ask) from my drawers and set about preparing them for recycling.  They both had numbers on the bottom that my curb side recycler accepts.  Great – except that the lid of the Gold Bond is welded on.

No problem, I’ll just squeeze it under the running tap and in a few minutes I’ll have an empty bottle.  Four generous pumps later, my entire kitchen is filled with a white mist and the darn thing is still pretty full.  Maybe if I adjust the spray it will damp down more of the powder.

Nope.  Clouds of Gold Bond are forming above my head and drifting towards the family room where the rest of my family are playing Wii.  Now the man I married isn’t one to sit silently by while getting dusted with a foreign substance.  Oh no, that’s something he’d have to investigate at which point he’s likely to notice (with much comment) the frost descending thickly  on the black counter tops.  Is that Gold Bond on his new I-Pad?

Defeated, and smelling like an old man, I wrap the bottle in a plastic grocery bag and march it straight to the garbage.  I just lost 30 minutes of my life.

Fortunately, there is an agreed upon recipe for rinsing jars of viscose liquid like my cream cleanser: dump, fill half full with water, shake or swish, dump again.  No respiratory health compromised here.

It’s no wonder I feel little satisfaction with today’s project.  Perhaps I’ll feel more cheerful tomorrow.

FYI – the blue torpedo shaped item in the “before” pictures has been disposed of.  It’s a broken night light by the way, but I guess I don’t have to prove that now since it’s long gone under a pile of Gold Bond at the bottom of my garbage can.


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