Day 1: Minimalism on Bad Days

Things have been pretty exciting around here and I mean exciting in the locate the nearest exit this thing is gonna blow!  kind of way.  I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to have the presence of mind to liberate 100 things today let alone blog about it.

But I decided if my life is going down in flames, it’s better to have 100 fewer things hanging around to fuel the fire.

Plus, I am hoping to discover a minimalism that is doable on good days or bad.  Something that is not so overwhelming or complicated that a long difficult day can derail it.

So I collected 100 things from the basement while my 4 year old played next to me today.  I didn’t stress about what to toss.   I have 9,900 things to go so I’ll get to it all in due time.  But I can tell you for certain that these three things won’t be missed:


6 thoughts on “Day 1: Minimalism on Bad Days

  1. My eggnog latte just shot through my nose after reading the title of that book. Can’t imagine picking that one out at Chapters…

    ps. that chair is growing a technicolour goatee.

    Happy Holidays!

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