Day 3: Why Stop at 100 things?

Why stop at 100 things?

I asked myself this question today while I was pulling things off the laundry room shelf.  I’d already extracted 50 things from my bathroom cupboard and I was in the laundry room looking for 50 more.

I found all 50 on that first shelf but it was actually kind of disappointing.  It’s not like you would walk into my laundry room and exclaim:  “What did you do?”

I entertained thoughts of failure.  100 things for 100 days just won’t be enough to get me out from under this clutter.  I have a whole room here full of stuff.  What if I just pick up few more things?

Um, did you read my post:  “I Hate Organizing!”  I’ve done quick tidy ups before that took days and were so terrifying I couldn’t find the courage to repeat the process for several years.

And that’s not what I’m trying to do here.  Why do I stop at 100 things?  Because a few things become a few more and before I know it I’m all sweaty surrounded by a pile of stuff that I have absolutely no plan for and the 4 year old has gotten bored of Scooby Doo and started watching youtube while opening his third chocolate chip granola bar.  And I find myself feeling guilty about something that started out innocently enough.

100 things for 100 days may or may not be enough but 10,000 things in one day would leave me feckless.  So I’m sticking with the plan.   In the next few days I’ll post a page called the plan with the details (as I figure them out) for anyone who is fed up enough with their stuff to join me.


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