Day 5: But I Spent So Much Money On It!

Here’s a picture of the 100 things I ferreted out of the house today.  Pretty boring, isn’t it?  Does anyone else cringe at the big pile of teabags in the garbage section?

Actually, it  was tempting to keep some of the tea.  I spent so much money on it!  And you never know when you’re going to want a cup of tea you really don’t like.

The but I spent so much money on it! excuse is a huge obstacle to uncluttering.  Fortunately I have a long list of reasons why it is better to get rid of something you don’t need rather than store it.

1) Think about the real estate.  OK, so we’re talking about tea here but if you spread out all of the things in your home that you don’t need you’d see we’re talking about significant square footage.

2) The obscuring principal:  keeping things you don’t want makes it harder to find the things you do want.  I’m down to four teas in the tea drawer: orange pekoe, english breakfast, chamomile and pomegranate green tea!?  More on that later.

3) Exposing yourself makes it less likely you’ll repeat your fruit tea buying ways.  Eight of nine boxes I got rid of were fruit teas.  It’s clear no matter how many varieties I try – I’m never going to like fruit tea!

4) With all the clarity you’ve gained you can go on to focus on buying only the very best of the things you know you like.

It’s fortunate I have so many defences against the but I spent so much money on it! excuse because I am helpless against the but someone gave it to me! excuse.   And so the gift of pomegranate green tea remains in my drawer.

With 95 days and 9,500 things to go, I’m sure I’ll come around to the tea drawer again.


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