Day 11: Cleaning Out the Car Counts

1,100 things gone, only 8,900 to go

I cleaned out the car today.  Here are the highlights:

Poor Batman.  Yes, that’s a fry.

Clearly it was time as my son’s friend commented yesterday: “No offence, but your car is really gross.”

He was right.  There were 75 things inside my car.  30 of them were relocated but 45 made my list of things I got rid of today. Or did they?

Does stuff from the car count?

Darn right it does  – if you spent as much time cleaning it as I did!  Plus, those are 45 things my husband would have found a special place for eventually.

I’m making a concerted effort to stop using my car as a junk depository.  My kids are big enough to do their part.  We may never completely abolish car snacking but they know now that wrappers go in the garbage – not on the floor! 

Oh, and my son, the youngest who, if you remember, resisted my cleaning project a couple days ago, asked me today: “Mom, how my room get so clean? I lub it!”

And that’s a good enough reason to keep going.  Don’t you think?

What I tossed today: 45 things from the car, 25 things from my youngest’s closet, 30 pcs. cardboard and mixed paper


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