Day 12: Baskets – Friend or Foe?

1,200 things gone, only 8,800 things to go

I was at a dinner party last night and the subject of baskets came up.

As in: “What do you think of baskets?”

“I think if you have a lot of baskets,” I said with conviction, “you just have too much stuff.”

That was my advice.  These are my baskets.

And these are just the ones I could grab on the fly.  I probably have a hundred baskets I could get rid of, not to mention their contents!

I don’t object to the baskets themselves.  If you know what everything is and where everything is in your home, and baskets are a part of that, then your baskets are working for you.  You have my permission to stock up at IKEA.

Some of us, however, need to take a look inside the basket and ask ourselves a few questions like these:

If I didn’t have a basket for this doodad, would I still keep it?  Do I ever use this doodad?  Am I even a doodad person?

For the most part, I agree with Ranka Burzan, author of The SOS Guide to Organize and Clean Your Home, and her thoughts on baskets:

“The container companies make it easier for us to keep a mountain of things we don’t like or use. You just have to contain and label everything and your clutter problem is solved. The clutter problem is not resolved; it’s just shifted to a different area of your home.

This, for example, is not good use of a basket:

I’m pretty ambivalent about most of these items:

Although I have a certain fondness for the “clutter ninja.”  Maybe he’ll be my ally in the war on junk.

I could have used an ally this weekend.  With baseball, playdates, dinner parties and all four of us at home, weekends are difficult to get any decluttering done.

I’m looking forward to rooting 100 things out of the garage (aka squirrel territory) on Monday.

What I tossed today: 60 pcs. duplo (thrift shop), 1 broken flashlight, 3 strands ivy garlands (thrift shop), 5 baskets, and 31ish miscellaneous things from inside those baskets.


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