Day 13 – What’s Bugging You The Most? Start There.

1,300 things gone, only 8,700 to go

Did I actually say I was looking forward to decluttering the garage yesterday? That shows you how tired I was when I wrote that.

I wasn’t looking forward to decluttering anything last night.  Yesterday’s basket project was surprisingly unsatisfying.  Sure, I got rid of 100 things but they weren’t the things that were really bugging me.

I didn’t wake up thinking – thank goodness I got rid of that Duplo!

I was in desperate need of a little motivation today.  So I asked myself what clutter was bugging me the most.

The pantry came to mind:

I spend a lot of time in there.  It would probably shave hours off my day if I could actually find what I’m looking for.

It was a lot of work, but super satisfying to purge the pantry for the second time round.  I must have missed the chicken broth from 2006 and the lasagne noodles with the weevils the first time.

Is it just me – or does every single lasagne recipe ever written call for a box of noodles less three?

That’s it, I’m using the whole box next time.

I haven’t put my pantry back together (after all the bleaching), so I’ll post an after picture tomorrow.

Some of you were wondering about where to recycle “other/soft plastics” and batteries.  Thanks for asking. I’ve been wondering the same thing.   I’ve updated the Recycling Resources page with some suggestions.

What I tossed today:  100 pantry items – expired food (garbage), unexpired food (food bank), tupperware (donate)


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