Day 14: Flour: Hope In A Bag?

1,400 things gone, only 8,600 to go

It’s safe to eat at my house again.

Of course, there’s nothing to eat but, since the weevil incident, I haven’t had much of an appetite anyway.

This was a huge job and took a lot longer than my daily limit of 30 minutes for decluttering.  But since there were insects involved, I felt compelled to do a bit of cleaning as well.

I moved on to the vitamin/medicine/first aid cabinet today and removed bags of expired products.  And, I discovered there’s a pattern to my shopping.

I overbuy things when I’m anxious: 3 types of echinacea, skin care products on top of skin care products, learning games (my kids hate that one), three bags of flour (I never could bake).  You get the point.

Newsflash: not one of these items has ever solved the real problem for me.

I can tell you that tossing bags of flour and bottles of vitamins into the bin, has cured me of the urge to try that experiment again.  Maybe pastry flour will make me a better cook?

Actually, I’m elated not to have to buy things I don’t need.  It frees up my resources to spend on what I want.  Except that I don’t have any time to shop since I started decluttering.

What I tossed today: 65 things from the pantry and vitamin cupboard, mostly cardboard, mixed paper, vitamin and pill bottles (recycle),and 20 styrofoam cups (I’m still trying to figure out what to do with these) and oops! I was supposed to get rid of 15 more things tonight but I think I’ll just let it slide – just this once!


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