Day 15: Clutter: Getting Rid of Sentimental Items

1,500 things gone, only 8,500 to go

Squirrel took my only salad bowl.  I realized it last night while I was tossing salad in my largest pot.

This is where I found it.

Apparently, it’s found a new life as a remote control caddy.

Since I’m on a repurposing jag – I think I’ll reclaim it for salad and give Squirrel one of the many baskets I still have hanging around.

That’s better.

But while we’re on the subject of bowls.  I happened to see this in the garage as I was heading out the door this morning:

Poor squirrel.  If only that drill was a little smaller, it would have fit in the bowl.

I’m 100% serious when I say, if anyone has any insight into this behaviour, you just might save a marriage.

Of course, squirrel says he’s planning a comeback blog called:  “Where Did She Put the Keys?”

If you’re thinking at this point – why doesn’t that woman leave her poor husband alone?  Check back tomorrow for my post:  “I buy stupid things.”  We all have our issues.

My decluttering today was quick and easy.  I got rid of 100 things (maybe more) from my oldest son’s school file.

I followed one rule – only keep original artwork.  Now I have a collection of the things that represent my son best – not an anthology of worksheets.

I was, and always will be, proud of this piece from preschool:

A minimalist at heart?

What I tossed today:  Too many worksheets to count (mixed paper recycling), art with feathers, buttons, stickers etc. (tossed)


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