Day 16: I Buy Stupid Stuff: How to Avoid Impulse Shopping

1,400 things gone, 8,600 to go

I like to poke fun at my husband’s squirrelish ways, but he’s not the only one contributing to the clutter in our house:

Couple of shifty characters, huh?

No –  it would be too easy to blame the kids.  I’m talking about me and the truth I’ve come to accept:

I buy stupid stuff.  

Any food product with the word “sassy” in its name is best avoided.

Same goes for anything with multi-coloured LED lights:

And this, well, there’s just no excuse for this unless you’re actually on Survivor:


Do I need to go on? because, sadly, I can.

It’s not all bad though.  Taking a closer look at these purchases has made me a really cautious shopper.  I have to ask myself – is this something I’ll have to post a picture of on my blog in a few weeks?

In fact, I made it out of Bed, Bath and Beyond today with one less item than was on my list.  And that’s a place you can really turn your brain off.

The last time Squirrel shopped there he bought two marshmallow shooters. And the time before we bought the kids those squishy micro bead pillows. They whacked each other with them until everyone, including Squirrel, lost a privilege.

So, it was no small victory today that I emerged without the Bamboo Shower Tower or the Original Magic Bullet Express.

If you want to have some fun with yourself – the next time you go into Bed Bath and Beyond (or your Mega Store of choice), tell your kids not to let you buy anything that’s not on your list. And while you’re begging them to let you buy just one more thing, ask yourself:

Can I live without this for another month?

If so, take a picture of it and post a reminder to your calendar to look at it in one month.  Do you still have to have it?

What I tossed today: 100 articles of kid’s and adult’s clothing from the guest bedroom closet (loaded into my car for drop off at the thrift store tomorrow).


One thought on “Day 16: I Buy Stupid Stuff: How to Avoid Impulse Shopping

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