Day 17: Decluttering: How to Stay Motivated

1,700 things gone, only 8,300 to go

I looked around my increasingly open space today and I have to admit I felt like having a little cry.  I don’t know why but I suddenly felt a little unprotected without my shield of stuff.

I realize I started this blog with the post I’m Afraid of My Stuff which essentially means I fluctuate between ataxaphobia (fear of clutter) and kenophobia (fear of empty spaces).

Certifiable, right?

Once again, I had to remind myself why I started decluttering in the first place.

Essentially, my stuff has become a job.

I have to move it, sort it, clean it, wash it, dust it, mow it, store it, paint it, fluff it, stack it, fix it, recycle it, sell it etc. – and I don’t even know what some of it is.


Recently, my husband moved his office outside the home.  He took his 27″ iMac with him.  I asked him if he planned on bringing another computer home.

“Why?”  he asked astutely.

“Because your desk just looks so empty without it.”  Did I really say that?  Me, the aspiring minimalist?

I think we just get used to the stuff around us and, whatever it is, call it normal.

Even if it’s completely crazy.

These Star Wars Clone Wars bobble heads have been guarding the clock in the living room since 2008.

And I’ve been dusting the McDonald’s collectible 2009 Winter Olympics Ovechkin helmet for two years now. (FYI, these are fetching upwards of $10 on ebay, but I’ve got one you can have for free.)

I think I just discovered how to stay motivated to declutter.  Who wants to spend their valuable time dusting bobble heads?

What I tossed today:  I lost count but it felt like 100 things from the living room toy/TV area including toy parts (tossed), CD’s (donated)  and 20+ DVD’s (donated)

Aww Moment:  My son thanked me for organizing the toys so he could put them away easier.


One thought on “Day 17: Decluttering: How to Stay Motivated

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