Day 19: Wedding Gifts: What To Do With Them?

1.900 things gone, only 8,100 to go

Some things are hard to get rid of.  I’ve noticed people have all sorts of reasons for hanging on to stuff they no longer want or need.

A lot of people hang on to stuff to avoid admitting they spent money on something useless.  Some people hang on to items that remind them of a particular place or person as if the memory of the friend or vacation lived inside the plastic snow globe or dog-eared photo.

I hang on to stuff to avoid hurting other people’s feelings – which is why I had a hard time decluttering the china cabinet yesterday.

There were two items I received for wedding/shower gifts 12 years ago that I was hesitant to get rid of for fear of hurting the gifter’s feelings.

One was a picnic basket and the other was blueberry wine.

You see, squirrel and I aren’t picnic people in the sense of packing your own. Of course, we’ve bought paninis and San Pellegrino and sat on park benches now and again but we never really got into the whole wine glasses and cutlery kind of picnicking.

But who knew?  12 years ago it was a perfectly reasonable assumption that we may one day roast chicken, dress coleslaw and chill chardonnay to spread out on a checkered cloth under a willow tree somewhere.  It was a lovely gift.  But I don’t think the gifter would want us to keep it 12 years later when it had never been used for its intended purpose.

I do think the gifter would like to know that it was packed and unpacked by my sons countless times over the years to stage the most enjoyable pretend picnics.  And now we were ready to let it go to someone who might take their picnics into the great outdoors – where they are meant to be.

As for the blueberry wine, whether or not squirrel and I would have enjoyed it will remain a mystery as we simply kept it too long and it spoiled.  We definitely enjoyed the thought behind the skiing moose stand it rode in on (squirrel is big into downhill) more than anything that was in the bottle.

So letting gifts go is not really a bad thing when you know you enjoyed them – whether or not it was the way the gifter intended them to be enjoyed.

Besides, do you even remember what you gave someone 12 years ago for their wedding?


Here’s what the 100 things I got rid of yesterday looked like:

Here’s where I’m starting today:

You can run, but you can’t hide at my house anymore.


2 thoughts on “Day 19: Wedding Gifts: What To Do With Them?

  1. I was *so* tempted to take that picnic basket home with me today…but DH had that murderous look in his eye! :o) Now I’m sitting here wondering if we still have any wedding gifts around after 43 years! We probably do…if so, they’re outta here! :o) Thanks for inspiring me to get on with my own decluttering!

    • You would have been welcome to take it. You guys do have lovely picnics but I think your DH has the accoutrements taken care of. Let me know if you find any wedding presents. 🙂

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