Toss Of The Week!

We’re in Osoyoos for the long weekend, staying with my in-laws.  I have to admit I’m kind of missing my decluttering project.

As for blogging – Squirrel doesn’t take too kindly to long laptop sessions by the pool while he’s launching our sons off his shoulders for the thousandth time.

“I need a break!”

Is someone calling me?

Still, I wanted to get started on a weekly post called Toss Of The Week!  This is where I’ll need your participation.

Every week, I’ll post a picture of the thing I am most grateful to be rid of. And you can e-mail me pictures of the things you are most grateful to be rid of.  You can send them to me at

If you’ve read any of my posts so far, you’ll notice that the most annoying clutter in my house tends to be kid’s toys and Squirrel’s bits and pieces.

But I am not an innocent bystander.  Oh no, I have a few things that I would be very hard pressed to describe the value of.

So send me your broken, your useless, your outgrown, your unwanted, or your just plain weird –

Because misery and resolutions love company.


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