Day 34: Decluttering The Yard: More Guts Than Glory

3,400 things gone, only 6,600 to go

I felt a little like this today after a traffic filled 7 hour drive home from Osoyoos last night with the kids and Squirrel.

So my decluttering project this afternoon consisted of ridding the yard of toy pieces and dog bitten balls while I loosely supervised a play date.

Luckily, the same child that was involved in launching the toy trucks into the ravine was over for a play so I didn’t feel guilty sending him back down with my kids to retrieve them.

They were good-natured about it, not whining too loudly about the spit bugs and prickles.

I, however, was not good-natured at all today.  It seems that trading daily yoga sessions for daily decluttering sessions has not had the same calming effect on my hormones.

I downloaded a yoga class from iTunes (to avoid adding to my DVD clutter) and set about re-claiming a corner of the rec-room for my recreation.

While not nearly as gratifying as staring at the empty space in the pantry, having a place for my bench and yoga mat made me feel a little less resentful of the work still ahead of me.

To be honest, the toys are winning. The more I get rid of, the more I find lurking in baskets and tumbling off shelves.

Will it ever end? Am I whining too loudly?

In light of my recent decluttering, my mother in law lent me the book The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  In the first month of the project, the author tackles clutter clearing and has this humorous and motivating conversation with a friend:

“What in life,” I demanded, “gives immediate gratification equal to clearing out a medicine cabinet? Nothing!”

“No, nothing,” she agreed with equal fervor. But she took it even further. “You know, I keep an empty shelf.”

So it looks like tomorrow may be the day for the medicine cabinet. Perhaps even an empty shelf in the medicine cabinet just to take it even further than her further – I’m like that.

But first, yoga – I need to shake these visions of dismembered toys multiplying and filling my house with unpaired arms and legs, torsoless heads and headless torsos.

What I got rid of today: 50 toy bits, plastic pieces, deflated balls and garbage from the yard. 50ish videos, broken and outgrown toys, garbage and cardboard pieces from the rec-room.


One thought on “Day 34: Decluttering The Yard: More Guts Than Glory

  1. I am SOOOO with you on the yoga thing. I actually have about 24 hours worth of programs that I taped off of TV back in the mid-’90’s from a show called Yoga Zone. They’re wonderful little 30 minute workouts and I totally LOVE them. I don’t know what I’ll do when the tapes eventually die. But unfortunately, when I get busy and stressed, yoga always seems to be the first thing that gets pushed to the way side. And, of course, when I don’t do my yoga everything else feels more stressful! It’s a vicious circle!

    Best of luck with the medicine cabinet. I’ve been avoiding cleaning mine for some time now… well that and the bathroom closet. I feel like I de-clutter it every few years and the stuff just grows back!

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