Toss Of The Week!

Here’s the first photo I received for the Toss Of The Week!

There! It’s done! Another empty drawer…

Thanks Dad! That’s five cell phones. Nicely done! I should add that he took them to London Drugs for recycling.

My Toss Of The Week is considerably lower tech:

Actually Squirrel tossed this into the green space across the street while I clung to it whining. But I liiiike this stick.

In a rare role reversal, Squirrel questioned our need for this piece of not quite driftwood that I bleached to give the appearance of the real thing.

Squirrel ignored my pitch to keep it in the backyard declaring it a dangerous weapon in the hands of our boys.

It made a nice photo though.

Keep your photos coming! It just takes a second and you’ll feel better knowing you encouraged someone else to unburden.

If you’re shy about your disposables send a shot of something your significant other or your roommate tossed or your neighbour left out with a FREE sign on it. I’m not picky.

And if you need a good reason not to do any unnecessary shopping, check out the post “Frugal Consumer” is an Oxymoron on The Eco Cat Lady Speaks blog.


One thought on “Toss Of The Week!

  1. Awww… thanks so much for the nice mention. I can’t believe your father actually had 5 surplus cell phones! I am soooo in the dark ages in that department!

    I don’t have a photo, but my toss of the week was a teal blue satin night gown that I’ve had for eons but seldom worn. I pulled it out last week determined to either use it or lose it. The thing is… satin may seem all pretty and sexy, but it doesn’t breathe at all. So when I wear it I sweat like a pig. Plus it doesn’t stretch, so I end up getting the circulation to my arms cut off and then they go numb. So I was ruthless. No more dysfunctional sleepwear, no matter how pretty it is!

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