Day 43: Back In The Saddle Again

4,300 things gone, only 5,700 to go

I’m back in the saddle again.

After Monday’s disaster, I took a defiant day off on Tuesday.

It didn’t make me feel any better.

So, on Wednesday, I gave myself a pep talk:

It’s only 100 things, it’s not any harder than it was 41 days ago, you can do this!

Then I:

1) fed my four year old and put on his favourite TV show

2) set a timer for 30 minutes

3) put three bags on my arm (toss, donate, recycle)

4) walked into my bedroom and collected:

19 old bottles of perfume

24 items of clothing

14 pieces of costume jewelry

4 old jewelry boxes

3 handbags

1 wallet

1 toque

1 bandana

3 lipglosses

1 bra

1 set bra inserts (bye bye falsies!)

2 bathing suits

1 watch

1 playing card

1 Leonard Cohen CD insert

3 business cards

19+ pieces of garbage: buttons, hair pins, stickers, ticket stubs, receipts, toy parts etc.

5) and took it all out to my car before the 30 minutes was up.


Oh, and then I dumpster dived for a bottle of perfume I regretted throwing away.

That’s a first!

Oh well, at least most of my stuff is heading in the right direction.

Today, I managed to get to the thrift store before 1pm to drop off the bags and boxes I failed to deliver on Monday. I even dropped off a bunch of cardboard boxes at Squirrel‘s office for recycling.

And to reinforce my motivation I googled “top ten reasons for decluttering.”

The number one google result and my favourite was this post by Rachel Meeks on her blog Simple Notebook.

I love what she had to say about why she lives uncluttered:

My husband and I value fun, shared experiences more than having things.  It’s also nice that experiences don’t require regular dusting or maintenance.

I now have a piece of paper in my wallet that says:

Do you really want to maintain this for the rest of your life?

I find it eliminates a lot of impulse buys.

What I tossed today: 25 thrift store items (clothes, baby gear, popcorn maker, toys), a broken blender and mini cuisinart, 17 cookbooks & 1 wooden recipe box (donated), 24 recipes (recycled), 5 congratulations on the baby cards (the baby’s 4), 7 toy pieces, 3 stickers, miscellaneous bits of paper (10), 1 book, 1 plush toy, 1 art project, 1 coaster, 2 old credit cards, 3 luggage keys


4 thoughts on “Day 43: Back In The Saddle Again

  1. “Do you really want to maintain this for the rest of your life?” That is fabulous! Everything we own is a responsibility… do we really want to take on more?

    And setting a timer is a wonderful idea! Sometimes when I have something I don’t want to do (which usually means some ugly computer programming chore that I just don’t want to deal with) I’ll put on my favorite CD (which actually lives on my computer now, so it’s not really a CD anymore – but you know what I mean). I tell myself that I just have to work as long as the music plays. Usually by the time it’s over, the task is either done, or I’ve gotten so into it that I don’t want to stop.

    I had a breakthrough yesterday. My car’s been out of commission for nearly a month (long story) and it won’t be drive-able again until next week sometime, so I ended up ordering my ridiculously expensive organic cat food over the internet (surprisingly – it ended up being cheaper than getting it at the ridiculously expensive cat food store). But boxes and packaging materials are my downfall… The old me would have hauled the box and brown paper packing materials down to the basement, because they might be “useful”. BUT – since I recently spent an entire freakin’ day cleaning that sort of stuff out of my basement, I already knew that I’m full up on boxes and packaging, so I TOOK IT STRAIGHT OUT TO THE RECYCLING BIN! It was a first for me.

    • Good for you for taking it straight out to the recycling bin! When I see something I’m tempted to store, I ask myself if I want to pay it’s rent. Keeping things costs – even if it’s just a day of your time (or 100 in my case) to get rid of it.

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