Day 50: Halfway There and Squirrel Makes A Contribution

5,000 things gone, only 5,000 things to go

Just a quick post to let you know that I reached my goal of hitting the halfway mark, or 5,000 things, before my summer vacation. I’ll write a full recap when I get back.

For now I just had to share that Squirrel contributed things #4,970-5,000. He appeared at the top of the stairs last night with a basket (of course!) full of clothes.

“You can put this out with your stuff,” he said.

Being 30 or so things short of 100 today, I remembered the box and started counting. 30 things!

I think this little irony is really a testament to the power of decluttering. If Squirrel can do it, you can too! In fact, you should get started right away and e-mail me about it.

I’d love to have a few guest declutterers to fill in while I’m away.  I know, I know, it’s the summer and not a great time to start a project, but if Squirrel managed to scrape together 30 things, I have complete confidence that you can match him.

Let’s make that the challenge:

Gather 30 things that you no longer want or need, take a photo, and toss, donate or recycle them. Then send me the pic and/or a line or two of description.

I know some of you are way ahead of me in your decluttering journey and don’t have 30 things to spare. Maybe you have a (Squirrelly) friend or spouse who needs a nudge.

I’ll post the images and descriptions here. Hopefully we can inspire more people to crawl out from the clutter 10, 20, 30…even 100 things at a time.

What I tossed today: 70 manuals we don’t need and, drum roll please…30 items of the Squirrel’s clothing.


2 thoughts on “Day 50: Halfway There and Squirrel Makes A Contribution

  1. LOVE it! Congrats on reaching your goal and congrats to Squirrel for helping you!

    I’ll let you know if DH and I can come up with a good toss! (in my family, I’m the squirrel, unfortunately!

    Hope you all have a great time on your holidays! :o)

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