Day 52: Ugly Stuff – You Can Get Used To Anything If You Live With It Long Enough

5,200 things gone, only 4,800 to go

Every once in a while I walk past something in my house and I have to ask myself: What does this say about me?

This is a squoval beige plastic tray on the table just inside my front door. Every time I walk past it, I question it and yet, it’s been there for a very long time. A friend said to me last night that he thinks you can get used to anything if you live with it long enough. I guess he’s right because I have been ambivalent to this ugly thing for months now.

Will I ever get used to this though?

Yes, that’s my purse and yes, Squirrel is still at it.

Or this?

I thought I found a new home for this around the same time I banished the Clone Troopers.

I guess I’m used to my ugly beige tray the same way I’m used to stretch marks or being the only one in the house who ever replaces the toilet roll.

And since you can’t change a person who thinks that snagging the last square of tissue is just darn good luck, the very least you can do is gather up the objects in your home that you can’t stand to look at. Then march them straight to the donate bin on your way to get another roll of toilet paper.

Take a look around. Is there anything in your home that you’re getting used to but you wish you weren’t? What are you going to do with it?

What I tossed today: clothing, towels, books, drawer clutter in my sons’ bedrooms, the beige tray and a teddy bear dressed as a reindeer.


4 thoughts on “Day 52: Ugly Stuff – You Can Get Used To Anything If You Live With It Long Enough

  1. My boyfriend used to have a foot-high, electric light-up Christmas tree made entirely of plastic beads, safety pins, and electric lights. It was a gift from some friendly Christian Scientist lady he’d met, and he was so touched by her generosity that he planned to keep it forever and ever. Plastic beads and safety pins, made into a Christmas tree, sitting in the living room all year through. Hideous. Happily, it broke after a few years.

    Since we just moved across the country, we’re shorter on ugly stuff than usual. Our garishly mis-matched bedding and some cheapie silverware remain to haunt me.

    • Oh, how I wish I could have seen that tree! I think the best part is that is was only a foot high – all those beads and lights in such a small package. How could you bear to part with it? ; )
      I hope you settle into your new home quickly. Look forward to reading about your adventures in New Mexico.

  2. you are cracking me up. what was with the beige tray 🙂 so not you babe. i get the mystery tour van but the tray? way to go c

    • Honest to goodness, that tray snuck up on me one day in Canadian Tire. Sometimes I wonder if I should be allowed to shop at all. I’m glad you don’t think it’s “me.” You should know you’ve seen me through some sketchy phases. Thanks for commenting! : )

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