Day 54: Donating Gently Used School Supplies – One School’s Clutter…

5,400 things gone, only 4,600 to go

Here’s something you won’t be expecting from me. A serious post. In fact, I’m a little overcome.

I just sorted the bags of gently used school supplies my son’s classmates donated back in July.

To be honest, the only thought I had when I was collecting them was:

What am I doing bringing more stuff into my house?

But as I started making piles of markers, glue, notebooks and scissors (all in near new condition), I started to get surprisingly excited – like Christmas morning excited.

Something about seeing all those supplies in one place affected me more than the hundreds of items I’ve donated to charity in the past few months.

I just kept thinking:

Look how much we’ve got! Look how much we’ve got!  Look how much we can give!

Apart from the actual material donations, the thought that as a community we can execute an idea that takes something we don’t need and redistributes it to someone who does, well, that makes me incredibly proud – and all misty eyed.

So, I’d like to thank everyone who loaded me up with bags of gently used supplies. You guys are golden.

And, I’d like to thank everyone who thought about it, but didn’t manage to get it together in time. I do that all the time! But you guys are important because you are the ones who will find the time next year, or the year after, or the year after that.

I’ll be taking our gently used supplies to a school just 20 minutes away from ours that has a great need for them. And you can do something important to you too!

Or maybe you already did and want to tell us about it. Your heart grew two sizes, didn’t it?

Photographs courtesy of Kevin at Cosmic Dad. In addition to being a full time Dad to two little girls, Kevin is learning a thing or two about decluttering helping his Mom downsize from a house to a condo. I sense a guest post in the works.

What I tossed today: $75 worth of change from all over the house, well, I didn’t toss it, but I decluttered it into bills, and a dollhouse complete with furniture (I wanted my sons to have gender neutral toys but their snowboarders just used the roof for a jump).


4 thoughts on “Day 54: Donating Gently Used School Supplies – One School’s Clutter…

  1. What a sweet story. Way to go, Christine and her community!

    On gender-neutral toys— my father built large, wooden dollhouses for my big brother and big sister. James used the bottom floor of his as a dungeon, complete with chains and fake blood. But then, he was also good about playing dolls with me (sans fake blood) and sometimes sewed clothes for my toys.

    I bet that dollhouse made an awesome jump.

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