Day 55: Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Dish Soap And Shampoo – I’m Using Way Too Much!

5,500 things gone, only 4,500 to go

I’m writing this post today because at the beginning of the project, I recycled a mountain of cleaning supplies that I don’t use and made a very interesting discovery.

Well, a more interesting discovery than the obvious one that I buy stupid stuff.

I was recycling mostly empty bottles of various cleaning solutions when a light bulb went on:

Why throw out a teaspoon of perfectly good toilet cleaner when I can clean a toilet with it?

For the record, I’m usually not this clever or motivated.

So I swished a little water into the dregs of the toilet duck and gave it a good squeeze under the rim. It only made it half way around the bowl where I usually make a full, undiluted, blue sweep.

Oh well, I tried.

But hang on, a couple scrubs and swishes later, I’m looking at a sparkling bowl. You mean, I don’t need to use a third of the bottle every time!

This unleashed a spirit of experimentation that began with the dish soap and ended in the kid’s bath tonight.

The dish soap works as well, if not better, diluted 50/50 with water in a spray bottle. It even makes the wash up chore a little more cheerful.

But tonight was when the real magic happened. Out of necessity, I diluted the kids shampoo with water and siphoned it into a spray bottle. I don’t know about your kids but mine like to wet their hair themselves – which never really does the job but I let them carry on if only for their independence. It usually means I get to massage sticky shampoo into random dry patches.

Not tonight! Tonight – they wet and I sprayed – content that soap and water were hitting their locks at the same time. It even helped them do a better job of distributing the suds to a greater circumference than the one square inch on the top of their heads that they usually wash.

It was so simple, I felt like I discovered gravity. Too bad my kids are 4 and 9 and will soon be bathing themselves, if at all, and spraying copious amounts of undiluted aftershave on their tween selves.

What I tossed today: 50 mega blocks that I teased out of the lego box (I can now tell the difference between a mega block and a lego blindfolded), and 50 photos that I scanned into the computer.

Awww! moment: My youngest held on to a photo of my favourite grandmother (whom he never met) and wouldn’t shred it until he saw absolutely that it was saved to the computer.


2 thoughts on “Day 55: Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Dish Soap And Shampoo – I’m Using Way Too Much!

  1. I love a good “Eureka!” story.

    Have you read The Tightwad Gazette? In it, they talk about using less of things such as you described above (shampoo, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, etc.) and how often we’re ALL using a lot more of something than we need. Manufacturers aren’t going to mention this, since it causes us to buy so much more of their product.

    One Tightwad Gazette reader said she was using three or four times more dishwasher detergent than her machine called for; she just filled the li’l cup, but the machine’s manual actually called for less product than that.

    Clearly, I fascinate easily. 😉

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