Day 58: How To Do Less Laundry And Have More Time

5,800 things gone, only 4,200 things to go

I got rid of one hundred more things from my closet today.

That brings my clothing donation total to three hundred things. If you add in the kids clothes, I’m guessing that total would be more like six hundred things.

I have a secret plan to raid Squirrel’s closet.

There has to be at least one hundred T-shirts in there that could go. Along with the suits, ties and jackets that he hasn’t worn in 10 years, I’m pretty sure we can round out the family purge at about one thousand things.

I can tell you without reservation that all these clothes have robbed us of more time than just about anything else we own. There’s the time spent shopping for them. Then the time spent laundering them. And the time spent looking for them when they get lost in the mountains of laundry that I haven’t had a chance to do because I’m shopping for the clothes we can’t find.

Squirrel and I have spent a lot of time arguing about the laundry. He tends to think of laundry hampers as long-term storage. (In writing this I made a quick count of his personal laundry – 89 items of clothing in 4 laundry bins.)  I like to do the laundry when my one bin fills up. But that’s just me.

I guess I could find more productive things to do than counting dirty laundry but, this arguing by the numbers thing is starting to work for me. A couple of days ago Squirrel gave me 35 CD’s to donate. And a few days before that, he voluntarily wrangled up 30 items of clothing. At this rate we could hit a family total of one thousand items of clothing donated in about 10 more days.

But, I’ll have to be stealth. He’s a stubborn one.

What I tossed today: 100 items clothing, purses and costume jewelry from my closet


2 thoughts on “Day 58: How To Do Less Laundry And Have More Time

  1. This reminds me of my boyfriend and I. I’ve never seen a man with so many clothes. They fill the spareroom closet, over half the basement closet, a dresser, and there’s even more in the attic. That’s in addition to the 2-3 baskets worth of dirty clothes and the basket of clean but unfolded clothes. Although heavens knows where we would put them if they were ever all clean at the same time.

    I can’t complain too much though, it was much worse when he lived alone. There were clothes EVERYWHERE. He actually donated and tossed several trashbags full of his own accord. We have an agreement not to toss each other’s stuff without permission and I am loathe to break it. My stuff would be next!

    This is my long-winded way of saying, I feel your pain.

    • Thanks Candi! Good to know I’m not alone. I guess I shouldn’t complain much either – his clothes closet is the only place that he doesn’t mix storage items. There are a lot of clothes in there, but, thank goodness, no spare parts, tools, or smarties!

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