Day 62: Decluttered! Not Quite!

6,200 things gone, only 3,800 things to go

I think it’s about time I did an update on how it feels to have gotten rid of 6,200 things with only 3,800 things to go.

So (decluttered kitchen counters)

Much (decluttered china cabinet and reclaimed bedroom chair)

Better! (decluttered playroom window sill and “hotel-like” bathroom cabinet)

But still (My cluttered office!)

A Long  (basement storage room isn’t cleaning itself!)

Way (laundry room cupboard)

To Go! (Eek! Scarey kids toy corner!)

I’m slowing down a bit. I can no longer stand in any room of my house and immediately see 100 things that need to go. But, I can usually find a stash of 100 or so things that I can part with if I give it some thought.

There aren’t any horrendously ugly objects out in the open in my house. Except this one:

What could I have possibly been thinking when I bought this?

Oh look! A black, blue, grey, moon-shaped stool. And it’s uncomfortable too! Where’s my Visa?

Here’s what the next 38 decluttering days hold for me.

What I’m Looking Forward To:

– Having a playroom that we can play in.

– Reclaiming space in the home office.

– Slaying the white whale of my basement storage room once and for all.

– Selling things on craigslist.

What I’m Dreading:

– Visiting the dump. I’ve been putting it off!

– Listing all the stuff piled in my office on craigslist.

– Delivering remaining electronic equipment to the Return-It Depot.

– Decluttering the garage.

Are you doing any sympathy decluttering? Or even just thinking about it really hard? Maybe you’re just taking a hard second look at that moon-shaped stool you’ve got your eye on. Good for you!


6 thoughts on “Day 62: Decluttered! Not Quite!

    • 62 days ago, these were the clean ones! It’s changed very quickly. My good friend Michelle called me today to remind me what my house used to look like. Yikes! I’ll have to dig out some before photos. But, as you can tell from the bad cell phone pictures, photography isn’t my medium.

      • Well, you did inspire me to clean off my desk. I feel WORLDS better having made it to the bottom of the debris and uncovered actual horizontal space. I also found a few bills that were about to be over due, and dealt with a mountain of paperwork from the insurance, mortgage and roofing companies – the fallout from the hailstorm will never end. It didn’t make a huge difference in terms of overall clutter, but my psyche certainly feels less cluttered!

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