Day 74: Office In A Box – Or – A Box Full Of Clutter

7,300 things gone, only 2,700 things to go

For one terrifying month in February of 2007, Squirrel and I owned two properties. We closed the deal on our current home before the first one sold. It was a dark, dark day for the accountant when we applied for bridge financing. I dealt with the stress by culling and cleaning. Squirrel hid out in the office of the old house working.

And working, and working, and working. In fact, the day before the new owners moved in, Squirrel was still in there working. No one could figure out how he houdinied himself out at the very last minute.

Today, I found out.

It’s a mystery to me how he’s been productive these past few years without his five tape dispensers.

It kind of makes you wonder if he ever sits around in his new office and wonders: “What ever happened to my hand shaped button?”

Or:  “I know I packed that rock somewhere.”

One thing is bugging me about those tape dispensers. I used them frequently and remember loving them. But I hardly ever use tape anymore. In fact, I donated all five dispensers. Has anyone else’s tape habits changed in the past 5-10 years? What the heck were we all taping back then?

And, does anyone care to hazard a guess what someone tells themselves when they pack a box like this? Don’t hold back. Squirrel has a pretty good sense of humour about his habits.

What I tossed today: I called this whole box 100 things, but I swear there were about a hundred dried up pens alone in there. Since it had been in storage for close to five years, it was easy to determine what we could live without. I kept one ruler, one stapler, a few pens, a box of envelopes and some labels. The rest I donated, recycled or tossed – with the rock.


6 thoughts on “Day 74: Office In A Box – Or – A Box Full Of Clutter

  1. This is awesome and completely how The Hubs would pack too, if I let him! (Thus, why I do all the packing now haha). Yeah, we aren’t using too much tape either. I used to use it for presents, but now most people do gift bags. When I do actually wrap something, I’ll use string to hold it all in place instead of tape. Otherwise, I only use packing tape for boxes that need to be mailed.

    • I forgot about sending packages in the mail. I must have been off work for too long!
      I generally don’t let Squirrel do any packing but I was 7 months pregnant with a dislocated rib and polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) that made me look like I was carrying triplets. I was helpless to intervene then, but I’ve definitely learned my lesson!

  2. “And, does anyone care to hazard a guess what someone tells themselves when they pack a box like this?”

    Hmm… Out of sight, out of mind? Anything worth having is worth burying in a box?

    Squirrel works in mysterious ways. Ours not to reason why, ours but to chuck it all.

  3. On the tape subject, I totally agree that it’s because people don’t wrap gifts anymore! Ask me how I know, I have a collection of gift bags that never seems to get any smaller. Arg.

    ps. Squirrel is lucky to have an understanding wife with a good sense of humour. Serious. 😉

    • I asked my sister, who is a paralegal, if she has a tape dispenser on her desk anymore. She said – yes, but she doesn’t use it very often. She’s going to track her usage and report back to me – because it’s clearly relevant.
      Gift bags make me crazy because you can’t recycle them and sometimes I don’t like them enough to regift them. Luckily, the kindergarten teacher at my son’s school collects gift bags and wrap for her Christmas project. I have a whole sack full of them at the door ready to go!
      I’m not sure which came first my sense of humour or marrying Squirrel. Sometimes I have to laugh to keep myself from crying!

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