Day 87: Inspired By A Reader!

8,700 things gone, only 1,300 to go

Just when I was needing some inspiration (three days have passed and I’ve only completed one day of decluttering), a reader sent me their decluttering tally:

I got a bit inspired today (thanks to you) and did some decluttering.

What I recycled:

14 unused toothbrushes

1 electric razor

1 knife in holster

What I tossed:

7 used toothbrushes

7 mini toothpastes (dried up)

2 dried up deodorant sticks

2 airline headphones

1 brush

1 comb

9 assorted sprays and creams

(all accumulated over years of airline travel)

What I recycled a few weeks ago: 50 books, novels, texts, self-help etc.

Talk about talking my language! Even better, they sent me their pictures:


You would think that with 13 days left (and such inspiring readers) my decluttering would be in high gear. Foolishly, I saved the hardest stuff for last. I’m frantically listing stuff on craigslist, laundering things, even doing a little spray painting to spruce things up for sale.

Life has intervened a bit and I’ve had a wee one home with food poisoning (a very mild case, but still….). So, it is with pride that I present the 100 things I cobbled together tonight. This one’s for you Bob!  Thanks so much for sharing!

Have you decluttered anything particularly gratifying lately? Do share!

What I tossed today: See above. Not pictured: 3 pairs of skis listed on craigslist.


4 thoughts on “Day 87: Inspired By A Reader!

  1. ok…i generally don’t have much in my house to declutter as I habitually get rid of things. But with a little one, things have accumulated that I am saving for my next (only the good stuff)–random easy to get I craigslist right way. But recently I deconstructed a home office and let’s just say somehow that room started to collect things. Is there a magnet in there?

    What I am trying to declutter this weekend by selling or giving away. 1 SHAW HD box – listed on craigslist free, 1 Ikea Poangish chair (free), 1 office chair (free), 1 wooden library office chair ($).

    Stuff I have decided to donate as my downstairs is going to be spartan– guests can come upstairs for their coffee no need to have to many luxuries downstairs. 1 cappuccino maker, 1 coffee maker, 1 blender AND ALAS 1 expired carseat. 🙂

    Just because it will make your day. I will send you a pic or 2!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you have a little one under the weather! Sometimes life has a way of prioritizing things, doesn’t it? My oldest son had a bad fall right before the Thanksgiving weekend and after a four hour trip to the ER (and a couple of stitches in his chin), let me tell you, I could have given a hoot about anything else. I had to give myself a break for a few days from everything decluttering related to focus on being there for my little guy and spend some quiet time just hanging at home with the kids. 🙂

    I know that trying to sell stuff on craigslist is WAY harder than donating or tossing stuff, so good luck with your sales!

    • Thanks Erin. Sometimes you just have to step away from the clutter. I’m so sorry about your son. Isn’t that the most terrifying thing? I read the most heartbreaking article the other day. Don’t read it unless you’re in the crying mood. My friend posted it on Facebook and I made a one word comment: perspective. Kids are good for that! Take Care.

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