Day 91: So Long Sheila!

9,100 things gone, only 900 to go

*Regular Reader Update: My blog was featured on today. You can see the article here. Fortunately, I have cleared enough space to jump up and down excitedly.*

It’s the first day of inventory and I warn you, it’s a total snooze. I’ve taken a bit of the tedium out of it for you by highlighting the exciting bits. Since they’re not really that exciting, take a look at this:

Earlier today, I owned a Sleep Number Sheep. Sheila was a gift from a friend who was downsizing. Gee, thanks!

Tomorrow Sheila will be on her way home with another family. I dropped her off at the local preschool’s rummage sale this afternoon. I feel more than a little sheepish that some unsuspecting parent will get talked into buying her tomorrow.

Without further procrastination, here’s the list:

Part 1: Basement Inventory c/w Comments and Justifications

Storage Room

5 bankers boxes old sales orders

12 bankers boxes end of year taxes *I’ll have to purge these yearly. Tax records only need to be kept for 6 years.

1 padded ski bag – Squirrel informs me this is for airline travel

1 soft sided ski bag  – and this is for travel by car – oh brother

1 ski boot bag

2 camping mats

1 kitchen table dismantled – my childhood kitchen table handmade by my Dad – I plan to refinish and repurpose (hold me to it!)

5 Vintage stuffies – Squirrel’s!

1 cardboard snowboard and helmet  – my son insisted we make this for him when he was 4 

1 wooden briefcase – I have no idea the significance of this, I’ll have to ask Squirrel

3 light up Christmas houses – I really don’t like these but the kids are attached already!

1 snow globe  – very tasteful, not at all how it sounds

1 bag Christmas lights

1 box Christmas lights  – probably overkill, I’ll check reconsider next year

3 big tubs Christmas/Halloween Decorations  – ditto

1 inflatable bed

2 M&M men – Is it almost time to give these up Squirrel?

2 model cars – ditto

1 industrial fan – in case of flood?

1 set Meccano – belonged to my Dad, saving for my kids

2 sorting boxes with tech deck bike & skateboard parts

4 suitcases

1 duffle bag

1 Lego carrying bag

1 small bin lego/k’nex

1 shoe box tech deck toys

2 bins rokenbok remote control building set

2 empty rokenbok boxes  – the only way I can remember how to put it together

1 bin dinosaurs

1 shoebox toy animals

1 shoebox toy soldiers

1 shoebox misc. toys – compare this to the 8 Ikea bins of misc. toys I used to store!

1 bin hot wheels cars

1 toy wrestling ring with 2 wrestlers – a gift from Nana!

10 cans house paint indoor and out  – the builder left this for us and we use it

1 bin paint supplies

1 bin photos

26 record albums – on my to do list to find them a home

1 8mm projector and film – of Squirrel as a one year old – will convert film to digital and sell projector

3 videotapes – family videos of Squirrel – same as above

1 hockey stick signed by Brett Hedican – Why am I keeping this? Any hockey fans out there who want to give it a new home?

1 hockey stick signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs – Squirrel’s!

1 guitar – my grandma’s, now mine!

1 set of speakers

2 light fixtures that came with the house – could be replacements for the one’s we have but what are the chances we’ll need them? I should sell these shouldn’t I?

1 small bin electrical cords  – Previously, we had five boxes full!

3 sleeping bags

Rec Room 

9 trophies on display

1 candy jar full of lego – decorative, I think…

6 puffles – my kids are club penguin fans

3 penguins – ditto

12 misc. stuffies

3 hot wheels tracks

1 bin batman toys

3 toy trucks

1 bin recycled craft supplies

1 Scooby Doo Mystery Machine – I couldn’t let it go, but I took it out of the living room!

6 remote control cars – I hate all of them. They never work and they use up all sorts of batteries.

2 wind up motorcycles

1 wind up hot wheels cars – The wind ups are way better, I’ll see if I can encourage the kids to sell their RC’s

1 magnetic tech deck set

1 magnetic hot wheels set

1 playmobil tower

1 lego tower

1 remote control lego car

1 canister full of bouncy balls – not as decorative as I thought they’d be…

1 large bin playmobil parts

1 air hockey table – If this isn’t used in the next year; I’m rigging it to implode!

1 bat man play cave

1 bin nerf shooters, bullets and balls

2 pairs carpet skates – fun for Mom

1 carpet skateboard

1 toy hockey stick

1 toy golf club

1 baseball glove

2 swords

2 shields

2 footballs

1 volleyball

1 hover soccer disk

2 elastic band shooters

1 bin costumes

1 mini trampoline

2 balance boards

1 pilates arc and manual

1 bean bag chair

1 foam mat

3 sets free weights – I’ll be honest, we never ever use these.

1 yoga mat

1 pilates magic circle

1 set glove weights – I long to give these away but what if I do that exercise video one day. Help!

1 massage roller

1 massage ball

4 exercise DVD’s

1 drum set

3 blankets

Basement Bathroom

1 towel

1 soap and lotion

1 candle

1 toilet paper

Did you make it to the very end? If you can keep your eyes open long enough, I’d love to hear what you think. Does it still seem like an awful lot of stuff? Are you keeping anything interesting in the basement? Wake us all up, please!

What I tossed today: Sheila, files, stickers, baby clothes, wooden puzzle, 2 sword sheaths, camping pillow, piece of hose, easel, basketball hoop, chalk, balls, 2 wallets, sunglasses case


16 thoughts on “Day 91: So Long Sheila!

  1. Ok, you convinced me to start taking inventory of what we have!!

    And my philosophy on whether or not to keep the what-ifs (like the weight gloves), is that if they haven’t been touched in 6-12 months…they are likely not be to touched in another 6-12 months. If all else fails, start using them today. If you stop using them again for a period of time, then you can say that it’s just not happening!

  2. Inventory was my all time favorite exercise in decluttering. Sure, it’s tedious, but taking account of every last toothbrush or counting our pens and candles made it very clear what we just don’t need in our lives! (did I really just write gravy boat x2 when we have never entertained with GRAVY!?)

  3. OK… I’m failing reading comprehension here… I thought the inventory list was all of the things you were getting rid of! Whew! Glad I got that straight!

    I fear I’m nowhere near the point where I could undertake such a horrific task. I’ll feel lucky if I could inventory what’s on my desk right now!

    Speaking of… what do you do with receipts? I have a big block in this department. I want to keep them in case I need to return something… but I end up keeping ALL of them… like even stupid grocery store ones. And then there’s the BPA issue. Is it worse to toss them in the recycling or the garbage? I totally can’t believe that this is something that actually gives me trouble, but it is. AAAARRRRRGGGHHH….. Ok.. the first step is admitting that you have a problem…

    Anyhow, contrats on the interview! I still felt too guilty to toss the food processor, but I moved it to the basement storage room… and I have a new rule for the storage room. Once the shelves get full that’s it! Something will have to go before anything new can get put down there!

    But I am going to sort through the socks today, and toss anything that I wouldn’t feel happy about wearing into the rag bag! And I think that our local Goodwill store has a program for recycling fabric… and if not, I know that the small thrift store run by my favorite charity (the Cat Care Society) has a person who pays them by the pound for textile materials in any condition. So thanks for reminding me of that option!

    • Yay! New socks!
      Ignorance warning: I had no idea there was BPA in receipts. I’ve been recycling them regularly. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I’ll do some research. A big part of this blog is coming to terms with my own recycling neuroses.
      I only keep receipts for appliances, Christmas gifts, and clothing until it’s worn. They I recycle them immediately. It is always much easier to return things with receipts but I’ve returned things with my Visa statement and with no receipt before. So, don’t worry, there is often a way around the receipt issue. I worked in a department store and our policy was way very lenient.
      As for groceries, I forgot a bag at my local Safeway and went in the next day to see if they kept it. The manager told me they reshelved it but to just go and pick out all the things that were in it! I felt like I was stealing. And being neurotic, I’m sure I picked out fewer things. My new motto is: always ask!

      • OK… socks and underwear update. So I went through the drawer and filled an entire grocery sack with the yucky ones… anything that was threadbare or had holes. So… I took the sack down to the storage room, and on a whim decided to open one of the drawers in the spare bureau down there… just to see what was so sacred that I couldn’t toss it during the last purge… lo and behold… two drawers full of perfectly good socks and underwear. Guess there will be no need to go shopping after all!

  4. I’m impressed with your inventory list! And congratulations on your blog being featured. 🙂

    I had to chuckle about Sheila.

    I’m very much enjoying your writing, and hope that your blog won’t end when your decluttering project is over.

  5. You know what they mean when they say “this post is worthless without photos”?


    I would love to see some photos of how your decluttering has streamlined your storage and rec room, please post photos!!!!! (I’m getting carried away with the exclamation points tonight, clearly the fact that I am home alone on a Saturday night with a bottle of wine and reading my favourite blogs, it’s all gone straight to my head. 🙂 )

    • Home alone on a Saturday night!!!! That sounds heavenly!!!! Your exclamation points are catching. I promise to post photos – soon. I’ve been so busy decluttering that I haven’t taken a moment to make things look pretty and I’ve taken my storage room apart because of the mould. It’s a good thing that I only have a fraction of our previous junk to put in there. You liked my picture of Sheila, I take it.

  6. Hi Christine,
    I’ve signed up to follow your blog thanks to the HGTV feature. I only wish I’d found you closer to day 1 instead of near your completion. What a great idea you have and I hope others will be inspired by it! I’m excited to go back to your beginning and read about your past 90 days of decluttering!

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