Day 93: Now I’m Cooking!

9,300 things gone, only 700 to go

My kitchen inventory is done! I had a few moments floating about on the ceiling before coming down to deal with the pile of clutter I created.

One hundred more things to go out:

The good news is that the pantry has stayed about the same as Day 14 when I cleaned it out the first time.

Look how much I’ve changed!

And here’s my junk drawer looking a lot less junky!

I won’t post the complete list of what remains in my kitchen tonight. I’m trying to create a spreadsheet that will make the lists less cumbersome.

However, I will leave you with this:

My fridge!

Okay, so I’m metaphorically cooking.

What I tossed today: recipes, glassware, lunch kit, plastic bowl, replacement light bulbs, gum, water bottle, food scale, coffee grinder



7 thoughts on “Day 93: Now I’m Cooking!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog “cover to cover” until I found yours today! You have a great sense of humour and a knack for conveying meaning through words and photos. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and am looking forward to seeing what comes next!


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