Day 99: What I Didn’t Do This Weekend

9,900 things gone, only 100 to go!

Before I tell you what I did this weekend, I should probably tell you what I didn’t do:

– I didn’t complete my project.

– I didn’t clean the whole house.

– I didn’t list my remaining clutter on craigslist.

– I didn’t meditate on simplicity.

–  I didn’t metamorphose my abode with contemporary accessories pulled from the ether.

– And, I didn’t dance interpretively through the open space feting my accomplishment.

Not me, so not Squirrel (image source)

I had planned to do all these things because Squirrel was taking the kids to Whistler for the weekend. (I had to stay home for a couple of social engagements.) Go ahead and get all googly-eyed over Super Dad – I did,  but you should know that he was staying at my parents house and was not without some help of his own.

Sadly, whatever took up residence in my sinuses last week moved into my chest and throat giving me the distinct impression I was drowning and preventing me from sleeping more than 2 hours Friday night.

My girlfriend called to check on me Saturday morning after I left an uncharacteristic 1 hour into her party:

“You should just watch movies all day.”

Ha! Watch movies?! This was my chance to complete my project unfettered by things like meal-making and the rapid fire questions of my four-year old.

By 7pm, I’d cried my way through Bridesmaids and chortled through Horrible Bosses. It loosened my congestion enough to drift off for 45 minutes, but I had only decluttered four things.

Later, I puttered around the kitchen polishing the counters and wiping grimy cupboards while adding three episodes of Sex In The City and Saturday Night Live to my TV tally.

I fared a bit better today uprooting lots of things from the master bathroom while I cleaned it for the first time in I don’t know how long.  I washed several of my jackets to take to my local women’s centre along with some toiletries, books and a couple of children’s toys.

I have to thank my friend for checking on me and planting the movie idea. It definitely kept my spirits up while my weekend plans went down the drain. My project, not unlike my children, has stubbornly refused to follow the path I laid out for it. The upside is that you don’t have to look at an actual photo of me interpretive dancing…yet.


9 thoughts on “Day 99: What I Didn’t Do This Weekend

  1. But I wanted to see that picture! And I promise if you post one, I promise to post video–because I’m just too good at embarrassing myself 😉

    And your girlfriend was right–take a rest! I do this about once a quarter–take a day to veg in front of Netflix. Nothing like a good laugh to get you healing! Hope you’re feeling at least a bit better 🙂

  2. Haven’t you heard, watching movies and TV is the best medicine for sickness, with a side o’ chicken soup of course.

    I had a rather lazy weekend, though I had absolutely no excuse.

    Hope you’re on the mend!

  3. Do ya’ know even though you’re feeling like ‘death warmed up’ you still have a GREAT sense of humour (mind you in a house full of boys it’s the only way to survive – as you’re watching the next dayglo orange Nerf dart land in tonights casserole!) I don’t think I could manage to write a blog AND declutter with barely enough energy to crawl. I really hope you start to feel well enough to enjoy that moment when you pick up the 10,000th item. I am SO excited you have nearly reached your goal but please don’t finish it UNTIL you are well enough to really enjoy the moment. I want you to have a ‘fireworks and streamers and balloons’ moment as you soooooooooooooooo deserve it. Get well soon

    • It was pretty darn good to have the house to myself – it’s the one thing I miss about being childless – actually, there’s a few others – like staying out late, swearing unselfconsciously, making money, window shopping, sleeping in, laying on the beach. Not enough to push them back in but enough to appreciate there’s a reason why they grow up – so I can swear again.

  4. I’ve been thinking about you and your project the last couple of days and wondering how you’re coming along, as I’m nearly done myself (and SO looking forward to the end in sight!) Hope you are feeling better! and can’t wait to hear about your 100th day!

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