Day 100: Clutter (Mostly) Conquered – A Messy Victory

10,000 things gone! 

I did it! I crawled out from under the clutter.

I got rid of 100 things a day for 100 days or 10,000 things in six months. But however you look at the numbers, it all adds up to the same thing:

(image source)


It’s a slightly messy, mostly disorganized, skin of my teeth triumph that’s still trailing loose ends, but it’s all mine.

Regardless of the items waiting for drop off at the thrift shop, the finishing touches I want to put on some of the rooms, and the bits and pieces of overlooked clutter, I have arrived. Here’s a snap of the last 100 things:

It is almost impossible to describe how my life has changed now that I’m untethered from the thousands of useless, unattractive items in my home. But, I love a challenge, and that’s the direction I’d like to take my blog in if you’d like to come along.

Did I mention that I’m indebted to all of you for finishing this project? Well, I am. So:

(image source)

What did I learn from my 100 things, 100 days project? That my success had absolutely nothing to do with the numbers. It came from finding a way to sustain my efforts over time. To that end, the best thing I ever did was take a picture of my clutter and share it. Remember this:

and this:

and this:

How could I not pull myself together when I was living like this, and you knew about it? Seeing my stuff through your eyes turned out to be the best source of motivation I could ask for.

In a month, I’m doing a house exchange with my oldest and uber stylish friend Patty. I’ll post my after photos as I’m fluffing things up for her arrival. And, of course, I’ll continue to track Squirrel’s movements as we adjust to a bowl free existence. Why do I feel like this is just the beginning?


39 thoughts on “Day 100: Clutter (Mostly) Conquered – A Messy Victory

  1. Sincere Congratulations!
    Please don’t stop writing, I’m interested in following your new lifestyle and hearing about the path of maintenance. (I clearly haven’t undertaken this yet)

  2. Bravo! CONGRATULATIONS! So proud of you! And once again don’t EVER stop writing…you have inspired me and I look forward to the next phase of your hilarious adventures! :o)

  3. Christine, I am thrilled for you over the completion of (this phase of) your journey! You are truly an inspiration; I came to your project on Day 97, registered my blog and began posting my journey on the very same day. (Honestly, I’ve been so mesmerized by your content that I only noticed that we’ve chosen the same theme just a moment ago…)

    I am looking forward to reading your entries for encouragement and continued inspiration because, for me at least, your project is only in its fourth day.

    Every person’s journey is different and mine is about eliminating the “stuff” in my life that serve no positive purpose, utilizing the “things” that do and uncovering a purposeful existence within myself.

    Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself in your posts.


    • Thank you so much Kate. I’m thrilled you’ve started blogging and can’t wait to read about your journey because that’s exactly what it is. I learned the hard way that it’s best not to have any preconceived notions, or, if you do, liberally use your prerogative to change your mind. Best of luck!


    You totally rock and I am SOOO impressed. I can’t wait to hear about the house exchange. It sounds like it should be a new reality TV show or something like that!

    • Thanks Eco Cat Lady, I think you’ve been with me from Day 1. I really appreciate the laughs and the company and I look forward to being a better blog reader now that I’m done with the heavy labour.
      My friend lives in Oahu but all her family is here. Personally, I think this exchange weighs heavily in our favour!

    • Thanks Rebekah! Your blog and comments have given me so much encouragement and laughter. You may have been my first (non-family) follower. I can’t wait to post about life in general and throw off some of the constraints of the clutter report, although that has definitely had its upside – 10,000 less things…phew, it actually paid off!

    • Ah, my celebration has already consisted of creme caramel and pinot grigio which is not to say that the beer won’t get decluttered later. The thing I’m most looking forward to now is sitting down to read blogs like yours. It’s been such a whirlwind and I’m dying to catch up with my fellow declutterers!

  5. I’m doing a coffee-fueled jig for you over here – congratulations! Must feel soooooooooooo good! And I agree with the others who have posted that your upcoming house exchange sounds very cool. 🙂

    Best wishes to you beyond your 100 days project!

    • Thanks Erin, you’re another one of my faithful followers. I’ve so enjoyed your company and following your journey. I look forward to reading more of your posts now that I can put my feet up, well, sort of, in the way a Mom usually puts her feet up – for five minutes at a time. Thanks for all your support – and the jig, I love a good jig!!!

  6. How amazing a feat this is!…it’s gots me thinking…need to continue on my trek to declutter…It appears to result in fewer things to clean, wash, fold, put away (not to mention pick up)…dust, etc…Woman on a mission! Those dang Squirrels…they have gone & multiplied!

    • Having fewer things to clean, wash, fold, put away is a benefit worth every minute of decluttering. I used to let laundry pile up until I was wearing things that I hate and dressing my children like ragamuffins. Now we don’t have enough clothes to get to that sad place. Thank goodness! You’ve got to watch those Squirrels like a hawk. Best of luck!

  7. Congratulations Christine!

    I ‘found’ your blog recently and have spent many a session (when I should have been decluttering) reading through your journey.

    I hope that you continue to blog about maintenance.

    Best of luck to you and your family with this lighter way of living.

  8. WOW OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW! 10,000 THINGS That is totally incredible. If someone had asked you at the begining of the project to put a figure on the number of items in your house what would you have guessed? I remember thinking the first time I read your blog ‘10,000 things? She’ll have an empty house at the end of it’ It’s made me realise just how much ‘stuff’ we have in our lives.

  9. sorry, hit the wrong button and posted it before I had the chance the say Congratulation – 10,000 times!
    (to celebrate your success I’m going to declutter something right now! )

    • It’s completely overwhelming how much stuff we have in our lives. I would never have guessed 10,000 things, although now I think it’s a but on the low side. Mind-boggling! I’m so happy you’re celebrating by decluttering. The world needs fewer things!

  10. Congrats Christine! Way to go! I’m sure that you have motivated others, myself included 🙂 I’ve directed a few people to your blog, as I love the creativity (and honesty) of it. I can’t wait to see what you tackle next.

  11. congrats on reaching your goal! can’t wait to see the after pictures. A house exchange could be alot like staying in the hotel room – easier to keep track of things because of the limited choices!

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