You Wouldn’t Spend Your Vacation Looking For Throw Cushions, Would You?

When was the last time you checked into a hotel in a brand new city, dropped your bags and got right down to the difficult business of choosing the perfect throw cushions for the sofa?

(image source)

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly how I feel about spending the better part of three days wrapped in the riddle of Ikat vs. polka dots, neutrals vs. colours. Now, I have absolutely nothing against making your home beautiful. I admire people who can solve the aforementioned riddle without turning it into a vocation. I have friends who don’t make themselves sick over decor accessories and, I must say, I really enjoy hanging out in their homes.

The truth is, as I was stopped at the second construction detour on my way to my favourite furniture store, I began to feel a bit silly for not ordering the cushion covers I found online. Price range on the cushions at my formerly favourite furniture store – $75-$175. I drove home through traffic to order the $36 cushion covers I found online.

Then I started second guessing. Charcoal or ivory? 20×20 or 24×24?

“Find a new obsession,” said Squirrel from the couch, “and chuck a couple of pillows from the bed over here.”

I usually ignore comments like that, but my eyes were dry from scanning pages of patterns and my heart was racing. I needed a vacation. And I can tell you exactly how I would not be spending it.

Isn’t that the greatest thing about visiting another city? It’s a tabula rasa. The only decisions to make there are what you’re going to do and who you’re going to be. Suddenly, I realized that hand blocked or embroidered weren’t “big picture” questions.

And then, and only then, did I see the solution that was right in front of me.

I feel a repurpose coming on…

At least, I’ll ask my local seamstress if she shares my vision of Mexican blanket toss cushions.

Finally, here is another after photo for you. My kitchen table used to host all manner of things. Now, only three:

And, happily, just one decision – salt or pepper?


11 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Spend Your Vacation Looking For Throw Cushions, Would You?

  1. I have also been decluttering little by little so I can understand that it is a big deal to add things back to the house (after all it took so long to get them out!) I tend to mull things over alot esp things like furniture because it is such a committment to me. so the 3 days on cushions–I get it! That said I love the Mexican blanket idea–very cheerful and it has meaning to you already.

  2. Three days to pick pillows? Sounds downright speedy to me!!

    Seriously, I spent weeks picking out a mattress, months shopping for a couch and recently found a rug I like for the living room after *six years* of on and off looking. I can’t make a purchase until I leave no stone unturned.

  3. Please don’t tell anyone but I spent 5 weeks in Palm Desert last year searching for throw cushions…now of course, I didn’t spend my whole time doing that, but every time we went to a new store, I would definitely check out the pillow section! Came home empty handed…throw cushions are the bane of my existence! Is it my imagination or does that Mexican blanket look familiar??:o)

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