Who’s Driving This Thing, Anyway?

I think it’s time I put you back in the driver’s seat. When left to my own devices, I do very little decluttering. In fact, I get so sidetracked I end up surfing into uncharted territories. Here’s just a taste of where I’ve been:

(image source: Awkward Family Photos)

Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it. I started at Reasonably Ludicrous (best post ever on the value of and English degree), made my way to Hyperbole and a Half (full points for writing a cartoon about depression) and ended my evening with an hour (or two) of Awkward Family Photos. Do NOT go there, you’ll never return, and, if you do, you won’t be the same.

Focus is not my strong suit. No wonder I had to devise a decluttering routine and make it pubic in order to follow through. Since, that was one of my great successes in life, I think I’ll make myself accountable to you again. (You don’t mind, do you?)

So phase one of maintenance will be decluttering ten things  a day. I’ll even post the pics to keep me honest and hopefully keep me off the internet for three hours at a time…

Here’s the first ten for you:

Hold that thought. I’m going to need a continuance. As I was logging off to find my things, all manner of screams erupted from the basement.

I raced down the stairs to find our son’s good friend cradling a very obviously broken arm. Given the tone of the cries, we didn’t even pause to consider a strain, just took him straight to the hospital. His moans and pleas for deliverance at every bump in the road reminded me so clearly of my labour with my eldest that I burst the buckwheat filled cool pack I was holding to his brow.

We just  passed him into the very capable hands of his parents and the Emergency Room staff. The last I heard he was getting IV medication in preparation for a realignment and that he had baffled the staff by being covered in grains.

And, I guess I decluttered a cool pack, although I’d rather it happened any other way…

I’ll post my ten items tomorrow and an update on the status of our young friend.


9 thoughts on “Who’s Driving This Thing, Anyway?

  1. I’m happy to hear that I’m helping others procrastinate 🙂

    I never get around to blogging until the last possible moment either, although my delays aren’t usually due to misaligned limbs.

  2. Christine, I wasn’t ready to say farewell to you and your blog, so I shall look forward to the Addendum of Ten. When this mission is over I hope I will be following you down other paths in life.

    I am sending wishes for a good recovery to the boy with the broken arm. I wish him lots of care and attention, and treats as well, as he recovers. I was in that space when I was 8 years old, and I know that pain and discomfort.

    Take care, and you must keep writing and sharing with us. An order, YES.

  3. Oh my!!! This is my concern with boys…not the “if” but “when.” I hope his arms heals well!

    As for the new challenge, I LOVE it! I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes for us (although if I tell The Hubs, he’ll likely freak out since I’ve gotten rid of a ton of stuff lately).

  4. Ouch!!! The only thing worse than seeing my own kid hurt himself is having someone else’s kid hurt themselves my care. I have to say though, when my kids are dramatic, I worry less than when they’re very quiet. Or…as my little guy told me in kindergarten in a very calm yet assertive manner, “I think you need to take me to the hospital”. Hope you have all recovered.

    • I could tell by the tone of the cries that we were going to the emergency room. I think he may have broken both bones…I’m sick about it. They actually admitted him to the hospital because they can’t set it properly. I won’t rest until he’s home telling all his friends the story. Hope that’s sooner than later. You’re right, the screams were horrible but the ensuing silence and vacant look were much, much worse.

  5. Oh bless him, I do hope the little man is OK – It’s definately a boy thing with broken limbs, dare we ask how he did it? (at least 1 thing’s for sure; he didn’t trip over clutter left on the floor of the play room)
    Don’t worry; when I read your blog this morning I immediately went and decluttered 240 things on your behalf – everything from kitchenware to toys with some birthday candles and HALF a hand held blender (don’t ask) thrown in for good measure! Oh and let’s not forget the obligatory empty cardboard boxes.
    I’m so relieved you are going to keep blogging (and decluttering) though I hope your next decluttering day is slightly less eventful than this one.
    Take care.

    • I can’t be sure what exactly the boys were doing, I do know that carpet skates and a mini trampoline were involved. As our little friend put it through his tears – not my finest hour! Unfortunately, he’s still in the hospital and will likely have surgery to realign the bones AGAIN in the morning. I’m sick about it. However,knowing you decluttered 240 things today takes the sting out of it a little bit. Way to go! Bet you won’t miss that half blender anytime soon. : )

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