Squirrel’s Greatest Stash Ever!

First Aid Update: Thanks everybody who expressed concern for our small friend with the badly broken arm. He’s feeling much better tonight although he’s STILL in the hospital. He’ll go for a second realignment under anaesthesia in the morning. So keep sending your good wishes. I’ll let you know when he’s back at home bragging about the ordeal to all his buddies. Egad! That moment couldn’t come too soon.

On the Decluttering Front:

Today Squirrel issued me an ultimatum. Get rid of the pile of donations in his garage or he’s going to start putting it all back. Am I the only one who thinks that’s pretty rich talk for a guy on the receiving end of a clutter free home (whether he wanted one or not)?

What’s Squirrel’s sudden rush? It’s time to start waxing skis and boards. Fair enough. Or is it?

This is the floor space that my remaining clutter occupies.

But what’s that in behind it? Squirrel’s latest stash is…wait for it…a car.

After a year or two of gentle persuasion to move into a more lifestyle friendly vehicle, a four-wheel drive came across Squirrel’s path at a price he couldn’t refuse.

I didn’t see that coming. Should I be happy he finally owned up to being a ski addict or recoil in horror at the idea of being a three car family?

Nothing says clutter like more cars than drivers!  Squirrel swears up and down that come Spring, this car will have a new owner.

Perhaps come Spring my clutter pile will have a new home too. Until then, if he starts putting any clutter away, it better go inside that car.

Here’s Today’s Ten:

Isn’t number 7 the most disgusting looking pillow insert you’ve ever seen?

Did you get rid of anything today or even just get something off your chest?


9 thoughts on “Squirrel’s Greatest Stash Ever!

  1. First of all, that must have been some broken arm! Hope the little guy is gonna be OK.

    Back in high school, I had this boyfriend who built a car by collecting 3-4 non-functioning cars of the same model (Dodge Dart, I believe). Anyhow, he spent a year or so ripping those cars apart and finally emerged with one functional vehicle. I was quite impressed, but also impressed by his mother’s tolerance of all of that automotive clutter! So just be glad that squirrel’s vehicular habits haven’t progressed to that degree yet!

    And… I’ve spent the past few days working on a Christmas present for my kitties. I’m building them a climbing “tree”. I put tree in quotes because it really looks more like an off kilter bookshelf at the moment. Maybe when I get the carpet on it, it will have more of a kitty tree feel. Anyhow, I was gonna just buy one, but then CatMan suggested I try building it. It’s been fun, although HOLY MOLY… it’s hard work! Anyhow, I’ve managed to use up some of the crap in the garage and save a few hundred bucks in the process. Plus, I’ve un-earthed a bunch of “treasures” that are going on FreeCycle just as soon as the temperature gets back above zero.

    Now, if I can just get Smoky to climb on his tree instead of the television set…

    • It was the break of all breaks…I won’t be breathing steady again until he’s home.
      I love that you’re building your “kits” a climbing tree! What a great project and way to use up some garage crap. Decluttering is most satisfying when it happens during the natural course of events and even better when it saves you money! I sure hope Smoky comes around.
      One woman I talked to about car clutter claims her hubby parked a car for so long that she now just uses it for storage. Over my dead body. I’ll sell that car myself if I have to.

  2. I felt as of I were playing a game of Clutter Dot-to-Dot with the latest photographic collection. Unique, rather artistic.

    My real clutter campaign will have to wait for the New Year, but after recently reading an article about Hair Care, every brush that could not claim itself to be made of Natural Bristles, a synthetic substitute by dictionary definition, shall be gone from our home today. Next time we meet, please comment on the sheen, the lustre of my hair.

    It is comforting to hear that our young man is receiving the best of care, and the healing process is beginning.

    The new car, is this the beginning of a collection? No comment.
    Carpe Diem, Enjoy the Day.

  3. So do you have to pay for car insurance as long as it’s still in your clutter space? Boys and their toys!!

    The numbering is ingenious! Love it!

    I finally sent my extra salad utensil set to my charity bag. Slowly, things are coming together. But your daily challenges give me hope!

    Sending healing thoughts the little dude’s way!!!

  4. Squirrel’s clutter is so large and shiny! Sitting next to that car, your pile looks quite modest and unobtrusive.

    Whoa, you’re right about the pillow insert. Not sure anyone much wants to sleep on that.

    This feels like a good day to clean out some paperwork.

  5. I wouldn’t have even recognized that as a pillow :S Good thing it’s out of the house!

    I, on the other hand, finally gutted the 2 pumpkins that were in my kitchen from our Halloween decorations (not carved, they just sit there). Don’t judge. 🙂

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