Guidelines for House Swapping With A Minimalist

I don’t mean to be inhospitable but there are a few things you should know about house swapping with a minimalist:

1) What’s mine is yours. And, since I have next to nothing, please feel free to use all of it.

2) Make sure you bring whatever you think you might want because if you don’t actually need it, I don’t have it.

3) They’re floor pillows!

4) 1 bowl, 1 spoon = better get takeout.

5) If you can’t find it, I don’t have one. Do you really need one?

6) White and black are colours!

7) What arrives with you, must leave with you – except, of course, for wine and chocolate in recyclable packaging.

7) Many happy meals were made in that blender.

9) You won’t break a thing if you dance in the living room (or the kitchen, bedroom, pantry, powder room and hall).

10) What do you mean you’re accustomed to conventional furniture?

11) I like you too much to burden you with unnecessary crap.

12) Yes, I threw it out on purpose.

13) No, I didn’t forget to stock up on toilet paper.

This is, of course, tongue in cheek. I haven’t moved far enough in the direction of minimalism to make all of the above true. I just started to wonder what my friends might think of my departure from the realm of excess and how it could become more and more confusing for house guests the further down that road I go.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Anything house guests should know about a visit to your place?


13 thoughts on “Guidelines for House Swapping With A Minimalist

      • Thanks Christine! I’ll be keeping up here too!

        By the way, you might want to put a link to your blog on your Blogger profile. If I wasn’t already familiar with your blog I wouldn’t have been able to link back to you through your comment.

  1. Houseguests should know that we only own three towels. This is less an act of conscious minimalism and more 1) moving annually and 2) being too cheap to shell out for more towels. I fully intended to buy more towels before a guest arrived for a ten-day stay, and fully forgot.

    Ian saw your remark, “gotta love a man that has an opinion on your outfits even if it is to compare you to an X-man” and has since made a valiant effort to give me feedback about my wardrobe choices. Thank you!

  2. Hi Rebekah,
    I’m very glad to hear that Ian is paying extra attention to your wardrobe choices. And, 3 towels! That sounds very Zen.
    I’m thrilled you’re disposing of stuff in my honour. I counted any paperwork that passed through my hands as one thing. I had several bankers boxes full of old financial documents from our business that I had shredded without opening. Those I counted as 1thing/box.
    Good luck and please share any good finds. Your desk has a long history of harbouring humour!

  3. lol “no, I didn’t forget to stock up on toilet paper.”

    I can so hear my father asking me why my bathroom cabinet only has five rolls in it! So many people just don’t get our lifestyle. Love your blog!

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