When In Doubt Carry It Around For Awhile

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Sometimes I like to pretend that I’ve adopted my children from war-torn third world countries. I find it makes me a more compassionate parent. Instead of staring into the faces of small spoiled versions of myself and Squirrel, I see stalwart individuals blameless in their misunderstanding of our cultural standard of good behaviour.

We’re at the end of the second week of Spring Break. Add to that the week prior that the BC teachers were on strike, and it’s more like a Spring sabbatical. A sabbatical that’s taken its toll on me and my decluttering. I have decluttered a few things – the mini trampoline that was the scene of an unfortunate accident several months ago, two pairs of Heely’s that my son outgrew before any unfortunate accidents could take place, and about 12 more bankers boxes full of files.

I am still clinging to my Pilates Arc that I plan to make good use of as soon as I get in better shape. Ha ha ha ha ha…yes, I’m keeping a piece of exercise equipment until I get in good enough shape to use it. Here’s the questionable rationale:

1) I liked using it the handful of times I used it a year ago.

2) I love pilates. I loved it more when I actually did it.

3) The kids are still young enough to be my excuse for not exercising.

4) It’s a very good quality arc that Squirrel bought me for Christmas.

It struck me that I do that a lot – hang on to things that I like even though I’m not getting any use out of them. In my mind, certain things have an expiry date. The mini trampoline was also a good quality model and a gift from Squirrel close to five years ago. (I ask for these things, by the way, if Squirrel initiated exercise equipment as a gift, he’d be short half his tail fur by now.)

Five years is about my tolerance for unused exercise equipment. And that’s okay, I guess. I have the space to store my arc until I use it again or rationalize its resale.

However, I have noticed myself doing something very odd this Spring Break that is neither rational nor okay.

The other day I carried a lemonade around the playground for an hour and a half. Finding safe little nooks in the snow to store it while I stopped to push my son on the swing, relocating it whenever we moved too far away for comfort. Heaven forbid it spill or get snowed on.

Now I was aware that my son never drinks a whole lemonade when I bought it for him. And, as we left the coffee shop, I knew he was finished with it. But it was a good quality lemonade that cost a fortune and what if he got thirsty playing in the park?

He didn’t. I carried it (and him) home where I threw it out and got him the glass of water he asked for. I’m not going to ask the obvious “Why!?!” here. Instead maybe you can tell me if I’m alone in this or if you carry stuff around for way too long to assuage your disposal guilt.

And if awareness is the first step to changing the behaviour, maybe you and I can help each other put this stuff down.


5 thoughts on “When In Doubt Carry It Around For Awhile

  1. Your opening lines make me feel a million times better! I’m not the only mother who thinks like that haha! Thank you for that!

    And me? I do the same thing, especially with kid crap. I think it do it because that one time I forget, they beg for the drink or have an accident or whatever. I finally did pare down enough to get rid of my purse and just carry a clutch. That’s a step right?! I wish I had some suggestions. Just know you are so not alone!

    • Thanks Megyn – you made me feel better about carrying all that junk around. I used to joke with a friend about why we felt it necessary to pack man-size lunches for a one hour morning outing to the park with two year olds. Children are so unpredictable and scary, good thing they grow out of it! 🙂

  2. Seriously, You think you haven’t done much and you’ve gotten rid of 12 bankers boxes full of files? I think that’s amazing. Plus the other things you got rid of? You must feel a lot lighter!

    • You’re right Jennifer. I tend to drive myself a little hard sometimes. The records boxes were easy, heavy, but easy because I didn’t have to go through any of them. But it’s still 12 records boxes more than the nothing I felt like getting rid of. Thanks for the encouragement. I needed it!

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