Six Ways to Sabotage Your Decluttering Project

25 days to moving day, $93 dollars raised for your charities

Not me. Yet. (image source)

I’m sure you guessed from my long absence that there hasn’t been much decluttering going on. That isn’t to say that there hasn’t been anything going on, just nothing blog worthy.

So, to give myself an excuse to talk to you again – and to distract you from the fact that I’ve only ditched 18 things since we last met – here’s my list of six surefire ways to sabotage your decluttering efforts:

1) Take up a new hobby. For me, that’s power washing. I cannot believe I’ve left this satisfying chore to the boys my whole life. I highly recommend it for feeling like you’re accomplishing something while you’re procrastinating. Plus, it’s a chore that never ends. Never. Ever.

2) Take on a new project. Yep, I decided to polish off the children’s chapter book I’ve been writing for an upcoming writing contest. Coincidentally, the contest deadline is April 24, six days before my imaginary move. That’ll keep me busy.

3) Homeschool your child. Okay, so I’m only doing it one day a week, but that’s quite ambitious for both of us.

4) Plan an imaginary move, then seriously consider a real move. See your home through the eyes of potential buyers. Start cleaning obsessively.

5) Put your children in weekend ski lessons at a mountain resort one and a half hours away. Spend every winter weekend packing and unpacking gear, clothing, toys.

6) Revisit your throw pillow obsession. After all, they may take centre stage at an open house. Spend hours internet browsing for the pillow equivalent of redecorating – for under $50, of course. Give up. Decide to silkscreen your own. Research silk screening. Realize you’re being ridiculous. Start power washing again.

I suspect things will get moving along quickly again now that I’m on the final countdown to moving day.

In the meantime, how do you like to procrastinate. With power tools? Online? Over tea?


12 thoughts on “Six Ways to Sabotage Your Decluttering Project

  1. Um why do men get to have all the fun tools?! Power washing sounds like my cup of tea. If you really want to procrastinate, I have a patio that needs power washing after a small child either murdered something or found the perfect paint color and a few spare moments of unsupervised paint time. And online browsing? My favorite procrastination tool. Maybe you could research the best power washer and compare them. You know, if you’re looking for ways to kill some time…

  2. Ahhh…throw pillow obsession! Now that we’re in PD again I’ve alrleady started to make the rounds of stores for said items…what is it about throw pillows?!!!! LOL

  3. I really thought that was you in the photo and was impressed with how professional and proficient you looked- too funny! I have a new outlook on procrastination – it’s stepping aside to allow the “universe” to put into place whatever it is we are trying to create. We always know when it’s our time to take action cuz that’s when we feel that niggling sensation, that can probably be described as motivation to do something 😀

  4. I put off what I ought to be doing by planning. Planning involves sketching, measuring, making lists, researching material/reviews/price/providers/product options/locations/warnings/celebrity endorsement among other things and should never be confused with “just surfing the web.” Research takes io the vast majority of my planning time. Eventually, the research and planning come to an end and than there is only one thing to do… Play games on my Android phone!

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