And the winner is….

Total raised for your charities: $167

Call me cynical, but when someone does a giveaway online, I always wonder about the process. Did they close their eyes and point to a winner on the screen? Did they enter they enter their favourite reader 25 times? Did they just choose their best friend?

Here at 100 things, 100 days, we’re on the up and up. To prove it, I enlisted the help of my youngest (five-year olds are all about fair) to write down the names of everyone who entered, fold them in half, and draw one out of a bowl.

I taped the entire thing on my iPhone – upside down. Yep, upside down.

Then, my five-year old requested a re-take because he wasn’t happy with his pronunciation of the word congratulations.

And on play back, I realized that I sound exactly like Ma Ingalls on Little House On The Prairie. People! Do I really sound like Ma Ingalls? Because that’s not who I hear in my head. Marion Cunningham maybe, but not Ma Ingalls.

That video will never air publicly. To redeem ourselves we made a poster.

Without further adieu. The winner of the Imaginary Moving Day Charity Draw is:

Liz  is a professional organizer based in Toronto, Canada. She writes about decluttering and organizing (among other insightful topics) on her blog: Sort It Canada!

I am proud to be able to make a donation in Liz’s name in the amount of $167 to her charity Compassion Canada. That’s the total number of things that exited my house in this round of decluttering.

Thanks to everyone who entered a favourite cause:

1) Judy (Mom) – Depression Research Mood Disorders Centre of Excellence British Columbia

2) Candi (Min Hus) – Oxfam

3) Becky (Decluttering Diva) – The Snuggles Project

4) Libea (PEI) – Toronto Wildlife Centre

5) Erin (dreams you dare to dream) – BC SPCA

6) Eco Cat Lady (The Eco Cat Lady Speaks)  – Alley Cat Alliance 

7) Megyn (Minimalist Mommi) – AZ Animal Welfare League

I learned a lot from the charities you submitted and, I learn something new just about every time I read your comments or visit your blogs. So, thank-you!

And thanks for being my artificial motivation for my imaginary move. Ironically, the imaginary move has turned into a real move slated for sometime in August of this year.

To celebrate I’m taking a break from formal decluttering to catch up on my blog reading and to open my blog up to a wider range of topics.

I hope you will still enjoy reading my posts about our circuitous route to simplicity as we get ready to move our life up the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler, BC.

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7 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Congratulations to Liz! :o) Yes, I’m jealous but I’m happy for Liz and I’ll get over it! :o)

    I love you, our beautiful girl, more than you’ll ever know and Dad and I wish you and your amazing family all the success in the world as you begin your new life adventure! And once again I’ll remind you to never put your pen down (there’s a great writer’s group in Whistler)! :o)

  2. EEE!!! YAY! You COMPLETELY made my day 🙂 I just got home from a weekend away, so this is a wonderful surprise! Thank you! Are you planning on doing a general donation, or are you wanting to buy animals/mosquito nets/etc.? Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m looking forward to future posts 🙂 Blessings!

    • I’m so glad I made your day. I was hoping when I set this challenge that it would make someone as excited as if they won the money themselves. It worked!
      I messaged you on Facebook to see where you would like the money to go within Compassion Canada. I’m pretty excited to be donating this money on your behalf – it’s such an amazing charity.

      • The best part was that I read the sign your son is holding first. I was like “Liz… Sort It Canada?!? That’s me!!!” I messaged you back. Thank you!!!

  3. Came over from Liz’s repost, but this looks like another blog I NEED to subscribe to! I am in the midst of a total house declutter myself this year, and I am always looking for inspiration and advice. 🙂

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