In a Renting State of Mind

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We haven’t found our dream home in Whistler yet. Perhaps because our dreams are quite different. A suite at the Chateau Whistler has enough square footage for my needs. Squirrel still covets a slopeside mansion. Our nine-year old would be quite happy camping under a jump in the bike park, and our five-year old just wants everyone trapped in the same room so he can torture us all with his non-stop rapid fire questions.

Renting has come across our radar as a very good possibility. There is a 3 bedroom town home listed for rent walking distance from both the school and a grocery store. However, because it’s a resort town, most rentals in Whistler are rented furnished. And that changes everything.

It’s one thing to speculate about how much an object costs you to store, but it’s an entirely different thing to actually have to pay per square foot to store it.

The flood gates have opened.

Here’s what I donated or listed for sale this week:


– lamp

– kids table and chairs

– kids plastic shopping cart

another garbage bag full of clothes and toys

Listed (on Craigslist or eBay):

– china

– entryway table

– nursing glider and ottoman

– chair and ottoman

– wardrobe storage cabinet

–  set of speakers

– coffee table

to go:

– fertilizer spreader

– broken lawn mower

– leather couch

– tv cabinet

And we still have way more stuff than we’d like to pay to store! Ideally, and I say ideally knowing it will likely end up much less than ideal, I would only like to pay to store the following:

– sectional couch

– love seat

– kitchen table and bench

– king bed, side tables, dresser (our bedroom set)

– coffee table set (4 pcs. glass)

…which means the china cabinet, the kid’s bunk beds which they’ve almost outgrown, 4 dining chairs, and 3 bar stools need to be reconsidered.

We hired a real estate agent this week and I’ve been able to channel some of my moving angst into sending her non-stop e-mails and calling twice daily. Poor unsuspecting woman.

We also talked my Dad into coming straight from helping my sister paint her kitchen to our house to help with touch-ups. The term elder abuse came up, but we conveniently assumed he was kidding.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to list the house by next weekend. If my agent is reading this she’ll be laughing hysterically, but I have high hopes and lofty expectations. A dream client, no?

If anyone has some advice for me on how to stay sane during a move, I need to hear it!


7 thoughts on “In a Renting State of Mind

  1. Wow! I’m looking around my home… which is furnished with a late 20th century garage sale motif, and trying to decide if I’d actually be willing to pay real money to store ANY of my furniture. Only 2 things come to mind… the antique radio cabinet that belonged to my grandmother and (don’t laugh) my washing machine – I just love it so… OK, and maybe the 50 inch plasma TV too – but I’d be rather tempted to see if I couldn’t cram those items into an already furnished apartment. Sort of puts things into perspective when you think about it that way!

    I wish I had some advice for you, but frankly, even contemplating the idea of moving sort of fills me with horror. I think there’s a reasonably good possibility that I’ll end up being the little old lady that they have to physically remove from her home at the age of 97, kicking and screaming – surrounded by a cadre of cats, of course!

    • Isn’t it funny what we’re willing to let go of if we have to pay good money to store it. I’m thrilled we found a furnished rental, Squirrel was threatening acreage so I threatened divorce. Fortunately, we discovered the town house shortly after.

  2. Wow it’s really happening then?? I am happy for you but very sad to see you go.

    One can’t expect to stay sane during a move so you can stop worrying about that one and just accept that you will be insane and your understanding firends will help with perhaps a bottle or 12 of Italy and/or France.

  3. Hey Christine – I thought I recognised the area… We stayed very near ( practically next door) to Chateau Whistler in 2004 in a 3 bed two-storey. It was one of my favourite memories – waking up each morning overlooking the mountains! (oh and having a beer in Merlins – I think it was called?) All the very best with it all!

    • Thanks so much Jo! You are right, it is Merlin’s and one of my favourite patios too! Make sure you send an e-mail if you ever make it out our way again. We could do a minimalist meet-up at Merlin’s – at least that’s what we can tell the spouses so we can sneak off for a beer.

      • Christine! That’s made my day… if ever it happens it’ll be a mega bonus – but just the thought is enough to put a spring in my step. (Actually we may very well visit Whistler going forward – I’ll remember to drop you a line!)

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