Silk Purse From A Squirrel’s Ear

Our house went on the market Thursday. There’s no way I can possibly describe to you exactly how much work it was. I’m uncharacteristically speechless.

The biggest surprise? We still have stuff we don’t want or need.

You’re probably thinking – how is that possible Christine? You just got rid of 10,000+ things. You and me both.

We staged.

…right down to the closet shelves.

(These are the only pictures of mine that turned out – I’ll post the listing photos when I get them to prove to you that we do actually have bedrooms and a kitchen.)

It started out innocently enough, but halfway through I started to feel a little cheap about it especially when my son asked me why someone wouldn’t want to buy his room the way it was.

Our realtor had a designer do a walk through and his suggestions were labour intensive and 100% accurate.

The best advice he gave us was “nothing on the floor.” Why is it that the simplest suggestions are the most difficult to execute. It is shocking how much floor space (closet and otherwise), we were using for stuff other than the furniture.

Laundry hampers, duvets, stacks of books, stuffed animals, floor cushions! The list goes on, but the minute I removed it all, the space felt instantly cleaner and more spacious.

Squirrel’s five laundry hampers full of dirty clothes became a bone of contention.

I lie. It was more than a bone of contention. I almost lost the plot when I discovered his quintet of overflowing coffers.

Nothing on the floor? Then where do five laundry bins full of clothes go? I considered stuffing the whole mountain of it into the oven.

But it was obvious what actually needed to be done – ten loads of laundry.

If there was time to get angry about it, I would have. Turns out my only option was to wash, fold, repeat. But while my hands were busy, my mind was too.

How can I make sure this never happens again? Well, if Squirrel only had ten T-shirts (instead of 47), that would pretty much force his laundry hand, no?

I washed folded, labelled, and shelved close to forty T-shirts. The label says: “T-Shirts – Out of Rotation.” It means, I’m going to donate these in six months if you don’t miss them.

Are you wondering what the “silk purse” part of this story is? Well, when the work was done, I realized that I wasn’t mad at Squirrel anymore. That’s unprecedented.

Turns out he just has different priorities. He’s not really trying to ruin my life with a diabolical laundry plot. You aren’t, are you Squirrel?


13 thoughts on “Silk Purse From A Squirrel’s Ear

  1. OMG…you did such a great job…and I know how hard you’ve worked…all that decluttering will certainly pay off when you move into your next home…just think how much less junk you have now! What a relief that must be! :o)

    Love your house pics…you managed to get some that are not with the listing which is great…especially love the window on the lower level…is that C’s room?

    As for Squirrels 47 Tshirts…that leaves ME speechless! :o)

    Best of luck in the sale of your home and in your next venture…love you…hang in there and don’t forget to write!!!!!

    • There are no words for the relief I feel not to be harbouring all that clutter anymore. The window is in the basement, not C’s room. But I really should do the same for his. It’s a good thing we’re moving to a smaller place – Squirrel actually has more than 47 T-shirts…

  2. FIVE laundry hampers?!? Eee gads! That in and of itself sounds like a diabolical plot to me!

    I’m chuckling at the “nothing on the floor” thing. Oh my… well, looking around I can count 10 cat beds, one pair of shoes, 2 blankets (that are for keeping warm on the sofa), three books, a basket full of magazines, a pile of stuff waiting to be donated and innumerable cat toys. Good thing I’m not trying to sell the house!

    I think your photos are lovely, and the closet is quite impressive!

  3. yes yes yes! the house looks great!! good luck with the sale.

    Nothing on the floor is my dream! and I hate furniture that sits solidly on the floor, things without legs – I like to see under things and be able to dust under them (if I want to). And pug hair collects wherever anything touches the floor. It really does make the space seem bigger if you can see more of the floor.
    I definitely think that having too many clothes is the reason so many people have mountains of laundry that never get done – and then they hate doing laundry. I aim for two weeks worth of each kind of clothing as a maximum.

  4. *wolf whistles are your foxy house*

    This looks as elegant and spacious as our old daydream standby– a hotel! Granted, someone else makes hotels look that way FOR you… but wowie shazaam, you’ve done fantastic work.

    • Thanks Rebekah! I tried to tart it up real nice. Halfway through I lost perspective and couldn’t decide if it looked good or awful, so I appreciate your wolf whistles. I’ll pass them along. If this house came with staff, I wouldn’t think of selling.

    • Thanks Stephanie! The staging was fun, so fun that I left the heavy cleaning until the day before the realtor open and ended up bawling my eyes out and having to hire a service to help. We paid two people for three hours and, after they left, I was still up until 5am finishing up. It’s never been clearer to me that our house is too big for us. Thanks for the comment and the compliment!

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