Awkward Paws

I was trying to find a way to segue way back into blogging without drawing attention to the white elephant in the room – the fact that I haven’t posted a single word to my blog in two whole months.


Min-E the minimalist mouse

This is Min-E. I caught her in the garage of our Whistler town home last night. And something told me she’d be an excellent distraction from that awkward sixty day pause.

See, I bet you’re wondering what kind of rodent infested ski shack I’ve got myself into and not the least bit concerned anymore about my prolonged absence. Good!

As for Min-E, after I got over the shock of finding ricey little poops near the leftover moving boxes, I decided she was a minimalist omen. A poster child for the mantra: Nothing on the floor but the furniture!

Plus, she reminded me why it’s important to shop daily when possible and organize the pantry lest a relative of Min-E take up in the Cheerios box.

I guess you could say that Min-E gave me my minimalism mojo back.

My first goal (after I relocate Min-E of course), will be to get rid of the miscellany that hasn’t made it off the garage floor since the move.

My anxiety got the better of me in the days leading up to the big day and I started making little piles of “just in case” items which I packed up, loaded into the moving truck, unloaded, and left in the garage because there was no “in case.” Is there ever?

I admit, I struggled at first with the fully decorated part of our fully furnished new place:


Likewise, the fully stocked (stuffed) aspect:

more laundry anyone?

Oh well, the silver lining is that we are a five-minute walk from school, mountain, shopping, skateboard park, swimming pool, and:


And, I’m not about Β to let rodent or rooster take away from that.

I’m so glad to be back. Have you encountered any minimalist omens lately?


12 thoughts on “Awkward Paws

  1. I think moving is plenty excuse to take a break from blogging – no distractions necessary, although that is one mighty cute little mouse!

    I was served a little minimalist reminder the other day. When things get hectic, the first thing that goes is tidiness… and the first thing that I stop putting away is my shoes. Well… apparently somebody didn’t like something that they smelled on my tennis shoes and decided to take matters into their own paws by peeing in them! It’s not actually surprising since we’ve had a few new tomcats in the neighborhood as well as a wayward coyote, so I’m sure there were threatening smells that needed to be covered up, but oy vey!

    My shoes are getting put away immediately now!

  2. Welcome back! I just discovered you and after reading through your blog I had an Aha! moment. I need to stop trying to organize and just throw things away. Thank you!

  3. Yea! Christine’s back! I have missed your posts!

    As a recovering off-again/on-again blogger, I know that feeling of wanting to be back at it without suggesting that there has been any thing or place from which to be back. I’m so glad your Min-E provided you with a graceful re-entry, but I hope you’ll be posting without the need for more of the same to keep you coming back.


  4. Welcome back! My minimalist omen? We had some people stay over, and they decided to leave things behind, because they bought them at a discount. Some people just don’t like open space… πŸ™‚

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