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  1. Christine:

    Love the idea. Love the blog. My guilt over the state of my house is peaking! I’m known to go on “cleaning binges” as my clutter blind husband tells me but the boys never even notice when bags of plastic toys mysteriously disappear from their rooms. I wonder if there is a genetic component to clutter blindness? Mrs. A has labelled my child “Pigpen” and complains about the state of his desk — I’m sure he inherits this from Dad 🙂

    Good luck. I look forward to reading more… between my own cleaning binges.

  2. Well Christine, I am impressed! This is the first time I’m reading your blog and not only is it inspiring but funny too (I have to admit laughted so much I couldn’t see through the tears!). Moving to Canada required major cleansing of our entire household but after only 10 months here I already have 3 large boxes of stuff to get rid of – it’s riduculous. I’ve been saving it up and adding to it sporatically as I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it until now. Thanks for letting me know where to send all our junk. I look forward to staying tuned for some more of your de-cluttering adventures! Good Luck!

  3. My wife has been forwarding excerpts. I imagine that she is trying to provoke some kind of action/reaction.

    Inspired, I’ve begun with the candy box. The one in the corner kitchen cupboard, filled with excess sugary treats from Christmas Past. And Easter Past. And Valentines Past.

    100 jelly beans. I feel sick.

  4. Hi Christine, I laughed out loud at your photos of bowls and containers because I do that. LOVED the photo of the dead spiders. I’m inspired. Thank you. 😉

  5. Dude! I checked into your blog after a long time to see how you were making out….but seriously….why would you want to get rid of the Mystery Machine. The Mystery Machine is coolness. That’s all I am sayin. If someone has not snagged that already…I want. Terri

  6. Hi Christine. What a laugh I am having reading your blog! Thank-you. Sadly, I only discovered it yesterday and see that you have already completed your project, but I spent a good hour or so reading last night and then is AM and have made it into the mid 40s. The 40s have some seriously funny posts btw. It is fascinating to read your story and to see your pictures. And it has been inspiring too…I have decluttered around 100 items in the past 18 hours and feel like your idea is both doable and necessary. We will be moving house in a few months so lightening the load now is a smart move. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks heaps and keep up the good work. Love your thoughts and your style.
    Kirsty (Australia)
    PS one of the best looking blogs I have seen

    • Thanks Kirsty! I’m so glad you’re inspired. I’ve completed my project but I’m still a work in progress I’m afraid. Day after day I find new things to get rid of. It’s unending! Good luck with your move and keep me posted on your progress. I’ll have to take a look back at the 40s and see what’s making you laugh. I guarantee your clutter will make you laugh too!

  7. HI Christine,
    Remember me from our Windsor days? This is a great blog. I totally get you. I’m a modern minimalist who is truly trying to limit my family’s aquisition of things. It’s tricky when you have 3 girly-girls who all love clothes, barbies and Polly Pockets. I pick my battles and go for closets and the kitchen junk drawer.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Hi Tanis,
      Of course, I remember you, and I think I recently saw an article about you and your beautiful girls in a parenting magazine. I can totally relate to the polly pockets. The boy equivalent must be playmobil, although I have a much easier time getting rid of mini guns, swords, and spears than I would the girly things. As for the clothes, yikes! I struggle with my own let alone 3 little girls! Good luck keeping it simple. Let me know how it’s going and if you have any tricks for keeping a household full of girls minimal(ish).

  8. I love your sense of humour Christine. I hope you continue your blog from your new home in Whistler. Your smile will be missed here. Andrea

    • Thanks Andrea! I plan to continue it – even when I have nothing left to get rid of. I’ve grown addicted to the over sharing. I will miss you (and your brood) as well, but you’re one family I know we can count on seeing in Whistler. 🙂

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