Save Money, Save Time, Stay Sane

(Source: D. Sharon Pruitt)

I’ve come to realize that I blog for two reasons.

I blog because I like to rub the giant pink eraser of humour over the dark marks in my life. Really, why not?

And, I blog because I’m addicted to sharing information.

So here’s some truly random bits of information that I’ve been dying to share –  in no particular order.

1) Clean A Leather Sofa with Moisturizing Soap

Here’s a super easy one. I googled how to clean leather and found this tip on cleaning leather with moisturizing soap. I used a bar of unscented Dove on my light leather couch and was really happy with the results. The trick is to use very little water. Wring, wring, wring! My leather couch is so soft now. Plus, it’s cheap and easy to do touch ups. I wasn’t as happy with the results on my dark brown couch, but I might switch to liquid moisturizing soap like they use in the video. And when I do, I will share the results!

2) Save Time Clothes Shopping

I wish I was the type of minimalist that always looks great in a white shirt and jeans. But, I’m not. In fact, the closer I get to forty, the more fond I’ve become of black stretch. I gravitate to the same five flattering pieces in my closet and subconsciously shop for replacements because I’m afraid that the magic slimming shirt or pants will fall apart on me, or worse – shrink. No more. I just took my favourite top to my seamstress to copy and I’m thrilled with the results. At $15 for fabric and $40 for labour, minus gas and shopping time. The cost is a wash.

3) Rent Art

I just rented art for staging my home. How come I didn’t know about this before? One local gallery rents art for $10 – $40/month. The home staging company I went to rents large pieces for $49 – $89/month. Not cheap, but nowhere near as expensive as some of the art mistakes I’ve made. And, it’s fun – especially for the commitment-phobic.

4) Switch to White Towels

I switched to all white towels over a year ago. They always match. They’re easy to keep clean (with bleach, if necessary). And, white goes with everything – twenty million hotels can’t be wrong. Plus, I won huge points with the designer that my realtor brought for a pre-listing walk through. It turns out there are never enough white towels to stage a home.

5) Wear Crystal Deoderant

I made the decision to buy fewer, better quality clothes a while ago but when I saw that my good quality white T-shirts were getting yellow armpit stains, I threw a wobbly. I found out that the stains are caused by a reaction between sweat and the aluminum salts in some deodorants so I very reluctantly switched to a crystal deodorant. I asked the clerk in Whole Foods which one worked well because I sweat a lot. She grabbed me this and said that it is the only one that really works. She was right. So far, no smell, but it’s a little too early to tell how my white shirts are faring. Fingers crossed! I will let you know how it goes.

What amazing things have you discovered recently?