Day 100: Clutter (Mostly) Conquered – A Messy Victory

10,000 things gone! 

I did it! I crawled out from under the clutter.

I got rid of 100 things a day for 100 days or 10,000 things in six months. But however you look at the numbers, it all adds up to the same thing:

(image source)


It’s a slightly messy, mostly disorganized, skin of my teeth triumph that’s still trailing loose ends, but it’s all mine.

Regardless of the items waiting for drop off at the thrift shop, the finishing touches I want to put on some of the rooms, and the bits and pieces of overlooked clutter, I have arrived. Here’s a snap of the last 100 things:

It is almost impossible to describe how my life has changed now that I’m untethered from the thousands of useless, unattractive items in my home. But, I love a challenge, and that’s the direction I’d like to take my blog in if you’d like to come along.

Did I mention that I’m indebted to all of you for finishing this project? Well, I am. So:

(image source)

What did I learn from my 100 things, 100 days project? That my success had absolutely nothing to do with the numbers. It came from finding a way to sustain my efforts over time. To that end, the best thing I ever did was take a picture of my clutter and share it. Remember this:

and this:

and this:

How could I not pull myself together when I was living like this, and you knew about it? Seeing my stuff through your eyes turned out to be the best source of motivation I could ask for.

In a month, I’m doing a house exchange with my oldest and uber stylish friend Patty. I’ll post my after photos as I’m fluffing things up for her arrival. And, of course, I’ll continue to track Squirrel’s movements as we adjust to a bowl free existence. Why do I feel like this is just the beginning?