One day I woke up and decided I could no longer live with my clutter or my sporadic and exhausting attempts to eliminate it.

I needed a new plan that took into account my lifestyle.

It had to be something I could do in 30 minutes and it had to be something simple enough to do with one eye open on days that I only got 4 hours of sleep because of a sick child in my bed or an evening with friends that – Oh my gosh, look how late it is! – carried on into the morning.

I wondered what would happen if I cruised around the house collecting the obvious: broken scissors, too small clothes, expired food etc. for half an hour.

What happened was that I filled 3 bags (toss, donate, recycle) with about 100 things – and felt instantly better.

This was something I could keep doing.  But how long would it take to really make a dent in the clutter that was weighing us down?

I have to admit I chose 100 days pretty much at random.  It seems like enough time to change habits and see results but not so long such that pets, spouses and children come under scrutiny.

I’ll be tracking the project as I go along.  If you want to join me, see the method, for my approach to the project.

And, please let me know I’m not alone by sharing your experiences in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Project

  1. Christine, thank you for telling me about your blog this morning! I love it! And as I said to you this morning – we are living the same life in different bodies. Two boys and squirrel husbands. I will send photos as the clutter disappears in my home as well. Thank you for including me on your journey.

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  4. Nice! I also started something similar, but with only 10 items each day for 100 days. I made it to day 60, then the holidays came and now I’m feeling the “stuff stress” I felt again. I’m curious to read how you do it with kids. Nice blog, thanks for sharing your journey.

  5. Hi Sophia. Good for you! 10 things a day would have been a much more reasonable goal.
    I purged very haphazardly with the kids around. It was so easy in the beginning. Every room needed purging so I’d collect 20-30 things per room while they were playing, taking a bath, eating lunch etc., then pack it all up after they went to bed. It got much harder at the end because I had to deal with all the stuff I’d been avoiding, plus list a bunch of things on craigslist, and dispose of larger items like furniture, golf clubs etc. I definitely took more days off in the later part of the project.
    In retrospect, I’d have stressed the numbers less and been a little kinder to myself which is why I’m glad to hear that you took a break over the holidays. It sounds as though you’re ready to get back at it though. Let me know how it’s going.

  6. Since I started reading, I’ve been trying to de-clutter my life as well. I love the concept of this blog – thanks for making minimalism accessible to the rest of us recovering pack-rats!


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